Go Forward

"I’m Here."

As I’m writing this, I turn the last page of another crazy chapter of my life. My life is full of stories. Stories drove me, turned my head, taught me lessons and inspired me. I have been a huge Superman fan since I was a little girl. When I was just 5 years old, I used to dream about Clark Kent, that he saved my life, and I grew up to be Lois Lane. When I was a little older, Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher continued this love, this fandom for me, and as much as ever my pride in caring for this story, for its purpose, pulsed on through my veins. And when that time ended, I waited, and then Smallville came into being.

Smallville, more than any of the others, has held a particularly important part of my affection. I was born in the city that created it, I lived in the city that created it. More than once, I travelled to areas where the show was filmed. I regularly passed the front doors of the Daily Planet. I drove past the Welcome to Smallville sign, and past the Kent farm. For awhile I lived mere blocks from the Luthor Mansion. Smallville ran alongside the most important decade of my life; the one that held the most change in my universe, the most heartache, the most breakdown and the greatest development. It marked the largest achievements and the most effectual failures. Yes. Smallville was a fictional escape for me during some of the hardest and greatest years of my life, and provided a soundtrack to feelings I had during mirror-image moments of my life, as the same experiences befell the characters on the show.

And nearly a year after the day of my marriage, Clark Kent and Lois Lane married. Call me a geek, or a loser. But I have loved Smallville, and it has loved me back. So to the cast and crew, to all the writers who provided me with so much entertainment, so many life lessons and moral considerations, I thank you for everything you have given to your fans over the last decade. I was a teenager when I met you, and you will be sorely missed.

I guess this all makes sense. I am about to start a new, exciting, but terrifying chapter of my life. For starters (and I say this jokingly), there is the upcoming Superman film starring Henry Cavill. But strangely, despite how long I have loved this story, these characters, Tom Welling has been Clark Kent to me the longest, played him the strongest, been given support by Christopher Reeve for his performance. There will never be another person who played Clark Kent so well, who embodied the character more fully. Tom Welling grew up as Clark Kent. He, more than anyone, can identify with the character.

This year, I am going to start a new job and conceive my first child. And while I can’t say what else it will bring, As tonight Clark Kent first learned how to fly, so have I had to. I go forward, fondly. Probably with both arms still straight up in the air, an eternal grandstand to my hero, Kal’El; The Blur (Superman).

Please support Smallville, and the Superman legacy. If you haven’t donated, please, please visit the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and get one of these:

$10 gets you a set of 2 Superman Tags, one chain and a clip. $4.95 shipping for the first set and an additional $1 for each additional set, with a max of $8.95. All proceeds from the sale of the Superman Tags support CRF. Indicate that you are purchasing Christopher Reeve Foundation Superman Tags, SKU# SMDCCRTAG.

"When you believe in someone, it’s not just for a minute,
or just for now, it’s forever."



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