I really have to stop shopping! Fortunately, when I do, it is on a budget, and usually for a good reason. There was a major cold snap here and the snowing started, so I had to buy a few more essentials for my winter collection.

Now, I’ve never been a hater of Ugg boots. And I’ll admit, a lot of the time I never fall for trends immediately, and sometimes not until years after they’re popular. Once I tried my first pair of Uggs, I was forever hooked. Unfortunately my last pair did not survive Winter 2009, so I had to buy a new pair.

Imitation sheep skin “Classic Ugg” Style Boots
Value Village, $14.99
(buy the real thing here)
Now, I love these boots so much that as soon as I’d paid for these, I wished I’d bought another pair. However, I decided to wait, and that money will eventually go towards these:
Classic Crochet “Cardy Ugg” Style Boots
$25.99, Walmart
(buy the real thing here)
Though to my dismay, both Value Village and Ugg are selling silver and gold sequin boots, and they look awful. Really. They remind me of space boots.
Crocheted Fingerless Sleeved Gloves
Value Village, $4.99
Crocheted Military-Button Fingerless Sleeved Gloves
Value Village, $5.99
(mine are black, and the sleeves extend to the elbow)
I am also loving (gasp!) legwarmers. I can’t remember ever being this into knits. First it was the sweaterdress, then gloves and now (and for about the last year) its legwarmers.
Knit Cord “Pom” Legwarmers
Walmart, $4.99
An assortment of legwarmers I found and love.
Rockstar & Tutu, $10.00
Leg Avenue “Spat” Legwarmers With Button Side
StraightRazorSlasher (Etsy), $34.00
Sequin Winter Knit Beret
Ardene, $9.99
I fell for the knit beret after seeing them for several years of winters on Gossip Girl. These berets have been seen on Jessica Szohr, Taylor Momsen, Fergie, Rihanna, Hilary DuffNina Dobrev, Cameron Diaz and Taylor Swift. It is worn best with loose, flowy hair or loosely pulled back hair.
Wet ‘N Wild Wildshine Nail Lacquer in “Sparked”
Walmart, $2.47
(tip, this looks great layered over the Sinful Colors “Just You Wait” and worn with Hard Candy’s “Roller Derby” eye pencil, both featured in this previous post).
Shiseido Fuschia Lipstick
London Drugs, $20.99
(I am still really loving the look of bright pink lips with black liquid eyeliner and a bare lid. New York Color makes a near-identical shade for a tenth of the price- but it doesn’t have the staying power of the Shiseido lipstick.)
MAC, $14.50
(WANT! This color is nearly identical to the recently released “Pink 4 Friday” lipstick made for M.A.C. by Nicki Minaj, here).
Walmart, $5.99
Ardene “Tangerine” Eyeshadow
Ardene, $4.99
Ardene “Rock Star” Eyeshadow
Ardene, $4.99
(pictured is Kat Von D’s Eyeshadow Duo, also called ‘Rock Star’)

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 11/27/2010.

6 Responses to “{recent.acquisitions.and.wishlists}”

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  2. I love legwarmers! The military style gloves are just awesome (yours sound even better!). I really love bright pink lipstick, on other people. 😛 I don't think it's something I can really pull off for whatever reason. 😛

  3. Thanks, both of you! Yeah, I was intimidated to try the bright pink lipstick (hot pink or pepto shades). But I tried it in a free makeover and loved how bold it was without having to be overpowering! Usually I opt for a clear or glittery lip gloss because it's low maintenance, chic, easy to reapply and goes with everything. But it was nice to branch out into lipsticks. I'm not a big user of reds.

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