As I mentioned in a previous post, I am absolutely loving the sweaterdress. I first fell for them in the winter of 2007 when I spotted someone wearing a white v-neck sweaterdress with nude leggings and ugg-styled boots. Sorry- but I am one of the few that actually likes boots- and I’ve sported a pair of uggs before- black- and I loved them very much! They weren’t immediately fashion forward, but they were very comfortable, and the acceptance that, for once, comfort had a solid foothold in the fashion world, made them ever so much more alluring to me. For the record, I wish I was brave enough to wear this Gaga-inspired number, but it is a little too cutting-edge for me.

Anyway, I digress. These are some of my top picks for sweaterdresses this fall/winter.

Boston Proper; $19.99 (Reg. $109, on sale)
John Patrick Organic; Price TBA

Banjo & Matilda; $555
For the record, if you can find this style in a nice wool blend, I would definitely fight for it. Affordable fashion is something I truly believe in. Though there is merit to the convenience of “renting” brand clothes and accessories, I’d rather have a person spend that rental money on a lesser brand that is affordable. I love it when big name designers lend their talents to chain labels (i.e. Miley/Max for Wal-Mart).
hipsterchic.com; $69
I love argyle! Especially when it utilizes new shapes and bright colors!
Soundgirl and Mortimer Sweaterdress; $59
I love the delicate v detail on the neckline and the cinching waist. The detail at the neck gives the illusion of a plunging neckline with a more demure and feminine cut, and the cinched waist gives the skirt a nice pleated detail.
Victoria’s Secret; $59 (Reg $78, on sale)

JimmyJazz; $39.99 (Reg. $128.00 on sale)

Banjo & Matilda; $504.00
Proceeds from the sale of this dress go towards the End Fistula Campaign.

Victoria’s Secret; $79 (Reg. $88 on sale)
I used to have a buckle-wrap sweater like this, though it was not dress-length, it was one of my favorite pieces. I eventually parted with it because I felt it was too bulky at the top and was unflattering because of its shape. But this dress is made of a much thinner fabric blend that is sleek, and the length pulls any bulk out of the garment, cinching at the waist and giving a flattering shape.
Victoria’s Secret; $49 (Reg. $68 on sale)
This dress was featured on our sister site, Odds, Ends and Adornments last year. But I am still as in love with this piece as I was last year, and felt it deserved to be revisited. This is a very flirty, extremely sexy, but completely classic dress that will never go out of style.
Another trend I’m falling for is the shift dress. It’s classy, it’s dead sexy, but with a demure twist that is a definite tease.
Victoria’s Secret; $79 (Reg. $88, on sale)
Boston Proper; $179
This piece has a peekaboo back with keyhole button detail.
Victoria’s Secret; $78
I’ve fallen out of love with the cleavage obsession (side cleavage is the new decolletage) and in love with the bare back. The lower the back on a dress (without showing any bum) the better. Thank Kate Hudson and Hilary Swank for it.
Nordstrom; $8.98
These were spotted on Taylor Swift, also. But what I love about these is not just the lacy pattern, which is really popular, but that the pattern changes on the thigh, giving an impression of sexy thigh-highs and garters, without all the fuss!

Keep checking back for updates! Our next post? Peekaboo back details. I love ’em!

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 11/05/2010.

2 Responses to “{old.favorites.revived}”

  1. I'm in love with sweater dresses! My favorites in this post are the buckle wrap one, the Argyle, and of course the short pleated one!Low backs are one of my favorite things, this may have to do with a description of a dress in one of my favorite books. 😛 And the fact that they are so so sexy without being as obvious as cleavage can be. Also, just to let you know, the first picture in your post isn't working.

  2. Hmm… odd. Works on both of my machines. Meh. Links are available!

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