The Countdown Begins

Hello everyone!

So we’re 17 days away from the wedding, and nothing new has been posted here in a bit. That is my problem- I apologize. Things are so crazy right now!

I have only received 3 official RSVPs, others have been tentative and verbal, months ago. If people could please email their official RSVPs to, or phone us and leave a message at the number on the invitation, that would be great.

Please also include your accommodation plans. Most people are not staying the night, but if you plan to, let us know where you are staying (there is a list of hotels in the area here).

Those who still stand to RSVP, we also need to compile a list of what people are bringing to the reception, as it is potluck. If people don’t bring anything, there will be a seriously inadequate amount of food, and I imagine that people will want a variety. Please email that with your RSVP, as well as your accomodation plans. Dishes spoken for will be posted as I receive notification. Those who need to be emailed with that information will certainly receive notice. People traveling the farthest distance are being asked to bring the snack foods, bottled drinks, powdered juices, condiments, etc. Anything that doesn’t require refridgeration for long periods of time. Some things are good if people have portable coolers, also).

So for those coming from Victoria and the Lower Mainland:
-Veggie trays
-Dips & Spreads
-Chips, Crackers, Rolls and Buns
-Bottles and cans of Pop
-Powdered juices (we have water- they can be mixed at the reception)
-Cold meat trays
-Tea & Coffee (we also have hot water and a coffee pot)
-Transportable salads
-Canned or jarred foods (fruit, sauces, salsa, olives, jalapenos, etc)

Those coming from the Nanaimo/Comox Valley area:
Primarily seeking entrees. If you’re travelling from Nanaimo, cold-served entrees are acceptable, absolutely. Those considering hot entrees, you are welcome to come by the farm the day before the wedding to drop them by the farm. They can be reheated later. We have an oven, a stove and a microwave handy for that. Those that want to prepare them very early the morning of the wedding and drop them by are also welcome to do so. Keep in mind that we will probably be leaving the farm around 11am-12pm to set up the reception site, so I would suggest any time between 8-11am. If you wish to drop by earlier or later, give us a call the day before to arrange it, or before you come by to make sure someone is there.

For Everyone:

  • Keep in mind that several of our guests are diabetic, celiac (wheat and gluten intolerant) and have allergies to nuts. We are trying our best to accommodate these people, with sugarless food and drink, things that are nut-free and gluten free. If anyone is unable to accommodate these needs, please label your entrees with those specific ingredients. We don’t want to send anyone to the hospital.
  • The reception is primarily dry. If you cannot enjoy the wedding without spirits, you are welcome to provide your own. However, the reception is not on our property, and we are not equipped to deal with inebriated guests. There will also be children present.

Thank you very much! I love you all, and please keep checking in!


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