Band-Aid Remedies Never Last

I wish I knew what’s wrong with me. I tire of there always being a malady in my life, whether situational or physical, or emotional. I’m simply tired of being stuck in recovery of some kind. I could really use a man like Greg House, M.D. right about now.

Last Thursday, the second-to-last medical daycare visit for my Mom’s daily IV treatment (she broke her ankle and an infection set in after surgery), after spending 5 hours in the hospital waiting, she, my fiancee and I stopped at a gas station to top up the ol’ tank. I went in to pay, and as I turned to leave, I suddenly got very dizzy. I sat down on the curb outside, because it was so intense and sudden that I worried I would faint. I get dizzy spells a lot, because I have low-normal blood pressure. It’s the medication I take, usually, that causes it. Anyhow, a nice gentleman came over to see if I was okay, and tried to help me up and find a seat until I felt better. I got about a foot back inside the door and fainted.

So, my fiancee and my Mom rushed me back to the hospital that we had just come from (and consequently had visited about a dozen separate times the same week) and I was admitted at the ER. I had severe dehydration, which is amazing, because I was knocking back beverages all day. They had to give me 3 banana bags, gravol and potassium. Any time they tried to sit me up, my blood pressure dropped dramatically (about 80 over 50) in seconds. Eventually it stabilized enough for them to send me home, but I have had tachycardia ever since, and several similar episodes that I chose not to treat in the last 6 months.

The attending doctor told me I have another wonderful medical condition that needs to be diagnosed. He is leaning towards Hyperthyroidism, as it runs in my family (my Mom has it) and has some very similar symptoms as diabetes (so I wouldn’t really have noticed much of a difference). However, other things can cause hyperthyroidism, like Graves’ Disease. So I get to go through a wonderful battery of tests again, and I may be facing corrective surgery to remove part of my thyroid, or iodine injections into my thyroid.

In the meantime, I have to take lots of iron and calcium, and get an awesome heart monitor (yay- *sarcasm*). I’m really sick of being sick. I can’t help but wonder if something larger is amiss, that is causing all of these annual medical conditions I keep developing. Only time will tell.

In other news, my Dad isn’t coming to my wedding. Money. He can’t afford to get here. I’m disturbed a little that things are already so difficult and complicated that I don’t even have the emotional room to be upset about it.


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