Loose Ends

Hello everyone!

So this morning, I was doing some looking around. Mom has been asking about Wedding Officiants, and she is right, it is time to make a decision about one. John and I were hoping to ask our friend, Roxy, to officiate, as she is licensed to perform Wiccan marriage ceremonies. While neither John or myself are Wiccan (though I used to be one), we were hoping that as a friend who is able to perform marriage ceremonies, she would be willing to do so. We have yet to meet up with her and discuss those details.
In the meantime, I have done some more research. John and I can get our marriage license here in Nanaimo for $50, within 5-7 business days of applying. Coastal Community Insurance (surprisingly) is the place that issues the most licenses here. As for Marriage Commissioners, they are provided through Canada Vital Statistics Agency. I looked online, and there are quite a number in the valley, and some are very local to Mom and Dad. As it appears, the cost of a commissioner is $75+GST, plus all costs associated with travel. We may be forced to go to the marriage commissioner earlier in the day (instead of he or she coming to us) to perform the official civil ceremony, and then have the ‘wedding ceremony’ later. If that is the case, we will be looking into asking someone special to be the ‘wedding officiant’. We have one or two people in mind, particularly one, and we may ask this person in the event that we end up having to be legally married before the wedding.
I have also looked into further information. We would have to register our marriage after the ceremony, and we would be issued an interim marriage certificate, and an official copy would arrive in the mail later. Vital statistics says that I do not have to apply for a legal name change, though I wonder if I am supposed to in order to change my ID. It says that I can choose to use my married surname immediately after the marriage is registered, without a legal name change, and use my birth surname any time I choose. I only have to apply for a legal name change if I use a hyphenate (I wouldn’t). Can anyone clarify?
I have a list of marriage commissioners to contact!

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