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Hello again.

So, bear with me, because as I’ve admitted I’m not the best diabetic ever, it has been floating in my head for a few years to open a Diabetic Store. It would be an ever-expanding idea. At first, I would want to start as a small alternative market for diabetics, carrying sugar-free and no-sugar-added candy, with a natural medicine area carrying various herbal remedies, supplements and spices (the kinds of things you’d find for diabetics in a health food store).

There would be a fridge carrying only sugar-free drinks (I have a list of hundreds of no-sugar drinks made and distributed by major companies). There would be a coffee section that offers various types of bean and instant coffees, both decaf and caffeinated, as well as sugar alternatives for coffee and cooking, sugar-free or no-sugar-added hot and cold drink mixes (like hot chocolate and juice), coffee whiteners.

Later down the road I would want to expand, and open a small grocery that carries only diabetes-friendly foods. Produce, cereals, meats, etc. If success were possible, I’d even given thought to furthering it and opening a pharmacy with a staff that specializes in the needs of diabetics. There would be an enormous resource of listings for other similar businesses and restaurants, a small book section carrying magazines and books that cater to diabetics. Does this at all sound sane to you? I’ve had this idea since I was about 21, when I realized how I often had to shop at multiple stores because they didn’t carry what I needed.

Anyhow, in addition to my recent interest in insulin pumps, I was up last night tooling around, looking at info on the Flex Pump, and found one that isn’t as pretty but works in a very similar way- and it’s already on the market and in use by diabetics. It’s called the OmniPod Insulin Management System.

OmniPod by Insulet

It carries several days worth of insulin, and sits on your skin, just like the flex. The entire pod sits under a layer of adhesive plastic, so it’s claim of being waterproof may actually be true. The pod itself is very small, and can sit on your belly, your back, your arm (almost anywhere you choose). It is controlled remotely by a PDA-like device that resembles a Palm Pilot. All you do is fill the omnipod with insulin, and stick it on like a patch. It self-primes, and self-injects- so when you put it on, it will insert the needle for you, virtually pain-free, and automatically begins administering your insulin. The PDA has a built-in glucose monitor, so you do need to lance and test to ensure that the omnipod is properly dosing your insulin (one down side).

I think I still prefer the function of the medtronic pump to this, despite the dependence on wires, simply because it eliminates the need to constantly test.

I also came across a few new diet drinks this month:

Sobe Lo-CalSobe Lo-Cal
(Fuji Apple Cranberry – 2g sugar per bottle / 15 cal)
(Raspberry Lemonade – 2g sugar per bottle / 15 cal)

Diet Ocean Spray5 cal per 8oz
All flavors have between 0g sugar to 5g sugar per 250mL.

Have a good one!


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