Alice In Weddingland

The Bat
Lewis Carroll
Twinkle, twinkle, little bat
How I wonder what you’re at!
Up above the world you fly
Like a tea-tray in the sky.
Why is a Raven like a writing desk?
(Poe wrote on both).
Alright- reality check time. We have a teeny, weeny, teensy tiny budget. After watching The Labyrinth with some friends that are helping to plan the wedding, we were asked to seriously reconsider our theme based on our ability to pull it off without the money at our disposal. Sadly, they’re right.

So, after wandering around a bit, and online window shopping, I thought it would be really cool to try an Alice In Wonderland theme. I am making myself a white top hat fascinator with white fabric and pin-on flowers (I have 6 of them) based on this design:

Ivory Mini Top Hat Fascinator by Debenhams; £30.00

I am also on the waiting list for a piece of Alice In Fashionland couture jewellery that is a small bottle that says “Drink Me” on it:

Alice In Fashionland “Drink Me” Pendant

John is considering a top hat to go with his tux, since his tux is going to have a longer fitted jacket. I’m going to have to look at a cane for him (but nothing tasteless). I am also looking for a pocketwatch for him. If anyone thinks they have something fitting they can loan, that would be really cool. We’re going to sit down tonight and brainstorm, think if anything we haven’t committed money to yet can be changed at all. We have a really great, solid idea for our cake that is fun and affordable (same cupcake tree idea, only the topper is a stack of different top hats, one of which is the hatter’s, complete with the 10/6 size tag, topped with a teacup full of tea-colored gelatin), and totally works! We also have a couple of croquet sets at our disposal… 😀 We would be using chess sets as our centerpieces. Ours is plain glass and frosted glass.

There are a lot of really neat Alice In Wonderland-themed things available right now, and I foresee them becoming more available and less expensive as time wears on. If anyone sees anything that might fit, let me know, we’ll see if it works. Thanks!

We’ve been looking around online. This is by no means a new idea, but it’s just too fun to pass up!

Alice In Weddingland Inspiration Board

Alice In Wonderland Mosaic Board

-Dollar store travel chess sets at the tables
-Decks of cards at the tables (various card games, like Crib)
-Backyard croquet
-Colored ribbon, balloons, lanterns
-Playing card table numbers
-Cookies shaped like Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Playing Cards, Diamonds, Teacups, Teapots, Hats, Rabbits and Mice
-Cookie tray has an “eat me” sign
-Aprons on the flowergirls
-Ushers dressed like Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum
-Poker-themed table cloths?
-Guests use mismatched tea sets with “drink me” tags on the handles

-Bride’s bouquet white roses half painted red…
-Finger sandwiches
-Hookah, teapot and chess set centerpieces
-Finger foods: crustless finger sandwiches, grapes, mini-muffins, pretzels, grapes, “Eat Me”, “Try Me” and “Take One” decorated cookies


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2 Responses to “Alice In Weddingland”

  1. The bridesmaids could have those champaign colour accents in the shape of whatever suit the white queen has.. was it spades?

  2. Yes, absolutely. I don't expect you to do anything fancy, but it could be something like a sash around the waist, or a wrap, or shoes and bag, jewelery, hair accessories. They don't have to be shaped like anything, but you could if you chose to. I have openly encouraged the bridesmaids to wear white and black striped socks if they have knee-length dresses. 🙂

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