The Change Of Tides

10:50 pm. I have 70 minutes until 2010 arrives. Another year, another shot, I guess. I just finished my last shift at a job I was really starting to like, in a city I think I could have loved enough to call home. It’s going to be an adjustment to get back to reality.  All of our stuff is gone, back to the place from whence we came, just a backpack of belongings to remind us of how all of this started.

This afternoon, in the last hours of my day, I felt a little bit melancholy as I looked up at the view that I’d started to take for granted, from the front window at work, and remembered everything we’ve been through.

This last year was hard. I fell in love with someone I never meant to fall for, and it turns out that he’d fallen first. We both wanted each other- a thing I had not experienced in a long time. We fell hard and fast, and it was scary and wonderful. It had its ups and downs. I moved out of my Mother’s house after only 6 months, which was something I swore I would not do. I got engaged- something I never thought I would experience.

And then, sadly,  there was a period where everything seemed uncertain- things were steering for the worse and it seemed I would be taking up residence once more in the bedroom I had just moved out of. We made it through- for one reason or another we found our way, made our way back to one another- to what mattered. And a lot of it happened here.

It will be hard to leave the “foundation” it seems we built so much on. Memories are mobile, you see. And no matter where we are, when he is with me, I am home. The sadness and the discomfort of adjusting will fade, and this will all seem like a distant dream.

Here’s my toast, all;  To making new memories. To my wedding. To my babies. To my husband; Happy New Year.



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