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Today: "New and intriguing possibilities should emerge over the next few days. There should also be some useful conversations, during which you are able to both impart and receive a great deal of important information. If you are not planning to meet or speak to anyone, pick up the phone, write a letter – or take up an invitation that you have been in two minds about accepting. Make a point of exploring possibilities that you have been inclined to dismiss as too vague or challenging."
Tuesday: "’What you don’t know can’t harm you.’ That is a good phrase… but it requires a caveat. If there is something that someone else knows, but that you don’t know, it can be compromising not to know it, especially if that information is being deliberately withheld. But if there is something that you don’t know, and nobody else knows either, why assume that it is going to be any more harmful than something that you do know? You are nervous now, of what you don’t know. Go bravely beyond that reservation. It could be good."
Wow. A lot going on. More big changes coming. I feel like I’m seriously living my life in transit, here.
John and I are moving. We’ve been mulling this decision over for about a month, for various reasons. Todd and Brandy have seemed to feel a great deal of impact in their relationship from the general lack of privacy around here. I moved in, and Frank, Mike and Janice are always over. When they’re not, Morgan comes to visit or Cassy has all her friends over. The lack of privacy and personal space is causing a rift between them, and with Brandy not working, there was enough tension between them. Now money is fast becoming an issue, also. Initially we were looking at living in John’s parents RV for the winter, until I discovered that the RV would not be attached to the truck, so we would need a permanent place to park it, and RV park monthly fees are painful. The RV would also be heinously cold, and we would have to either pay for hookups or live by candlelight. That idea went out of the window shortly thereafter, when Brandy expressed their financial woes and mentioned that as of January first, she would require us to be added to her lease, and pay her $700 a month in rent for one room.
Add our mortgage to this rent, and we’d be paying $1450 a month. With John out of work, this was never going to be possible. Hell, it wouldn’t be possible even if he was working. And now Brandy is begging us to at least get by until April- but that’s $2100 we don’t have to give her. Add the mortgage for three months to that and I’m forking over my entire income.
So, we, for a time, were talking about moving to Black Creek. We will be eventually, especially now that John’s parents are getting older and are needing help at the farm. Jack isn’t doing as well as he could be, and gave us all a scare a few days ago. And while they have offered room in their home to us for free, we would also be hard pressed to find work out there without a vehicle, and without rapid or reliable transit. This would free us up to rent out half of the Nanaimo house, but finding time to rent it out and finding someone Chris can stand to live with would be difficult. So the final decision came down.At least for the time being, and if we’re lucky, until the house goes on the market, we will be moving back to Nanaimo. It makes the most sense. We’re looking at taking on at least one renter, which is good since we will be there to interview people, and the will be living with us there. If there is going to be a problem, it would be clear in rather short order. We miss Nanaimo, we miss our friends and our family.
So we will be back in Nanaimo as of January. I put in my notice and transfer request at work today, which was hard. I was very fortunate that Joanne was so understanding and supportive. It leaves her in a difficult position, to be sure, but at least she isn’t being left with little to no notice, completely unrprepared, and I think she really appreciated that. I took her out for coffee this evening.
So that’s my news, everyone. Rejoice if you so choose.

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