Dress Details

The dress deposit is paid for. Thanks, Luz Bridal! I want to give a big thanks to my Bridal Consultant, Kim. She was extremely patient, and really attentive to what I was looking for. The dress I chose was actually one that she suggested. She made it more important for me to find a dress that I would love, that would look great on me, that fit into a truly modest budget. I likely would never have thought of those options without her.

If you ever need a prom or grad dress, or something for a wedding (be it your own, or someone else’s) or you just want a nice evening gown, I truly suggest Luz Bridal. Luz is in the store most days, ordering, steaming and tailoring, and she has a staff of truly great women who treat you with great respect and care. Their store is beautiful, with a showroom full of current dresses at fairly reasonable prices. I definitely preferred that over the unaffordable couture dresses offered at the competing bridal stores.

The dress I got was the one from the last blog entry (B2). I was pining over an Exclusive Bridal dress with an empire waist and a grecian cut, but it was far more than I could afford. As it turns out, the part I loved about it was fairly easy to recreate with tailoring and extra fabric. I’ve ordered 2 extra metres of chiffon with my dress, which will be applied as a second layer over the skirt. It will then be hemmed with an a-line, square cut. A train will also be added with extra fabric, underneath the chiffon, that will snap-in and be removable. So the skirt will look something like this:

I should be expecting the dress sometime around March, when it will then be tailored. The hem is being modified, and some beading around the bust is being added. The nice thing is that this dress will come at a price tag under $400 CDN, after tax.

Another entry will be following soon. I’ve been looking around at different hairstyles, and shoes. My current accessories are pin-in white flowers with crystal accents, and a magnolia pendant necklace with pearl accents.


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