We Have Dress!

…well, almost.

First order of business is as follows:
The wedding is on June 26th, 2010, at Filberg Lodge, and will start at approximately 2pm. Invitations with final, solid details will be mailed as soon as possible, so the time may change, but the date won’t. The following reception is about a 20 minute drive to Black Creek at the Boyes’ property, Baerental. The reception itself is running until 10 or 11, before moving outside so the in-laws can sleep. We will then be having a bonfire/campout for anyone who decides to stay. I expect most people will be driving home or staying in a hotel.

Now, back to the dress. It finally came down to making a real decision, because on average, it takes 4-6 months for a bridal shop to order in your dress. Our wedding is in just over 7 months. That gave us roughly 30 days to make up our minds, and come up with the 50% downpayment. We could have hoped we’d find a pattern we liked and have one made in that time frame, but ultimately, the crunch was coming down, and I was getting pretty frustrated. Now, we went to a place called Luz Bridal Boutique, which we’ve been past several times and never had time to go in and take a look at.

We went in and were helped quite efficiently by Kim. She let me pick out 2 or 3 dresses that I liked and used that as a starting point to suggest others that she thought I might like. I found a few that I liked, one that I loved, and then we got realistic. The prices at Luz’s were a lot more reasonable, but at even half the price of the Maggie Sottero dress, I was still biting my nails. The dress I loved was A $630 Venus dress, with a long, flowy skirt. What we’re going with is about $400 cheaper than that, and it isn’t even really a wedding dress. It’s a bridesmaid’s dress.

John and I recently saw My Best Friend’s Girl, which I’ve seen before. I remember really loving the dress that Kate Hudson wore, which is this Amsale dress, in Cranberry. It was long, and flowy, even with sleeves, they were off-the-shoulder, which gave the illusion of a strapless, and it was long enough that when she moved, it had a lot of flattering movement and a slight train. It was a showstopper. I remember considering the design when I first saw the movie, and then forgot all about it. Anyhow, today, Kim found me a dress that was very similar!

It’s the Jasmine B2#08 dress. It isn’t a “wedding dress” per se, but it is a within our budget, and in white, nobody would be the wiser. We’re looking at adding embellishments to it. I have some white lilly hairpins with rhinestone accents in them to put in my hair.

We are returning tomorrow to pay off the first half. I am very excited! Things are really starting to come together!!


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