The Wedding Dress Hunt Continues…

Hello everyone!

So, the quest (or mission?) to either buy or make the Reese dress has grown increasingly difficult. Apparently, drafting those two patterns together is impossibly difficult due to their complexity, and the search to find a single pattern that is close enough has been painful and fruitless. However (!) I was looking around on Bridal websites for Bridal stores in the Victoria area, and found Blush Bridal. On their site, I found a dress that is virtually identical to the Reese dress, save for the back. And the truth? We prefer it.

Alfred Sung Paradise 7089

It looks virtually identical in the front…

Only the back piece doesn’t consolidate into a single strip like it does
on the Reese dress. It falls down the back, open, and the back falls lower.
This dress also retails for somewhere in the ballpark of $500 less
than the Maggie Sottero dress.

I am waiting to hear back from Blush Bridal, they will be calling me back on Monday. Apparently they have also had some problems with selling the Maggie Sottero dress due to the price, and have been special ordering it from an alternative supplier. They may be able to get me that dress for cheaper as well. I will keep you posted!


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One Response to “The Wedding Dress Hunt Continues…”

  1. I really love that one! I love a low cut back like that! I really hope you get something you love!

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