This last weekend myself, John and his parents went to Filberg Lodge and Gardens in Courtenay. It is November, so at the moment it doesn’t look like much, but come summer, it will be full of flowers, and green. It is an enormous waterfront property, surrounded by grass fields. On the water there is a winding staircase that leads down into a small, private Japanese Garden. If you turn the other way, it opens up to a lawn that approaches a beautiful summer cottage. Above the cottage there is a long field split in two by a path covered in ivy-covered arches. There are rows of trees on either side. It definitely reminds me of Snow White. It’s very beautiful.
We’re looking into reception space. But we have set a date. We don’t know yet what time it will start, but clear your calendars for June 26th, and join us on our big day!

In other news, John’s Mom and Sister are recreating the Reese dress I fell in love with! I am very blessed to be entering such a supportive family…


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 11/05/2009.

One Response to “THUNDERCATS ARE GO!”

  1. yay! *dances*

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