iDIY – Wedding Tutorials & How-To’s

Yesterday, Lauren sent me a link to a blog she found called iDIY. It has a lot of cheap alternatives and do-it-yourself wedding crafts that are pretty great. Here’s one that I found today…

Fortune Cookie Place Card (from Martha Stewart)

1. Print messages or romantic quotations (I like the idea of printing a romantic memory of a date we went on) centered onto 8½ x 11 inch card stock, oriented horizontally. Cut into ½-inch-wide strips. Turn strips over, and calligraph first and last nakes 1 inch from each end. Notch ends.

2. To make the “cookie,” cut patterned paper into a circle 5½ inches in diameter (if you like, make a cardboard template using a compass). Roll circle into a loose tube. Overlap ends about ½ inch and secure with double-sided tape. Hold the tube so that the top flap is pointing own and facing away from you. Slip a fortune into the tube with the name toward you. Fold the tube inward and secure with double-sided tape.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 10/19/2009.

One Response to “iDIY – Wedding Tutorials & How-To’s”

  1. That was one of my favorites! Great minds I guess 😛

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