I’m Going Under

Wednesday: "Why are you in such a hurry? What can’t wait? Where is the pressure coming from? You may face a daunting deadline or you may be dealing with an annoyance that is hard to ignore, but that is not the same as sitting under a sword of Damocles. You are entitled to pace yourself – and you will be able to do so if you simply choose to proceed at a more leisurely pace. A part of you, though, wants to rise to the bait or create a drama, just so that you can have the satisfaction of solving it. Resist this temptation."
Thursday: "Often we do in anger what we would never attempt in a mood of calm contentment. Irritation is not, in itself, a negative force. It can be a stimulus: a reason to stand up and be counted or a challenge to rise to. It is only when anger becomes fury or aggression that it grows into something wholly unproductive. If there is something you don’t like now, Mars offers you the opportunity to sort it out and move it along. Be energised by all means, but don’t allow yourself to lose your sense of perspective entirely. In September, it may seem as if old problems have returned as a troublesome opposition of Saturn and Uranus becomes briefly more powerful than the healing alignment of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. But this rare, positive ‘triple conjunction’ is still at work in your personal chart. Prepare for the celestial storm. Discover when your life should change forever, for the better."
For some reason, just when it seems like we’ve lifted the weight off of us, it comes back and rolls over us once more, a new weight that is relentless. Finding the strength to keep our heads above the current is getting harder.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 09/02/2009.

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