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Hello everyone!

…………………………………..Lots to update you on, finally (yay)! Firstly, John and I have narrowed our wedding date down to the last two weeks of June 2010. We’ll know more when we can book our ceremony location.
Secondly, John was googling our blog just the other day, and apparently some of our content has been featured online, on
this page at Save-On-Crafts! Just scroll down to the photo just above the cupcake tree stand!

Last week I took some time to wander into Chapters, have a frappuccino, and sit for a bit in the Wedding/Bridal section. I must have been in there for about an hour, taking notes (and, incidentally, using it as a library) for cool DIY ideas. I came up with some great ones! I also bought Stewart, Tabori & Chang’s “Wedding Planner“.

The Invitations (Pocketfold Style):

On black card, which is fairly cheap at the dollar store- it comes in large poster-board sheets for less than a dollar each. We will be taking a tasteful black and white photo and making 19 cent copies at a print shop, and 19 cent copies can be made. Alternatively, for a not-quite-as-nice, but significantly cheaper price, photocopies can also be made. This photo will go on the front. (We also discussed the possibility of using a decorative stamp instead of a photo, if we found one we really liked).

The main card in the middle (printed on regular white paper, and then covered with a decorative layer of tracing paper) will have the what, the where and the when, and the details about the reception. The inside of the very left fold will contain our registry information. The inside of the very right fold has a pocket containing the RSVP card. The back of the invitation will have a small map of the location of the wedding, and accommodation details.

Something I was thinking of playing with was the idea of a cross-cut “envelope” to put over the picture, that is tied with a ribbon. When untied, the photo is revealed. It’s really unecessary, but it looked really pretty. All in all, each invitation should cost less than 50 cents.

All of the writing will be done by hand with a gold craft-store pen. Decorative accents will be glued on fabric flowers, flower shapes cut out of tissue paper, pieces of gold doily or lace, confettis, complimentary cutouts from magazines and dollar store gems and pearls, etc.

Minor Details:
-A nice accent I found was a bouquet charm. It’s a 100×100 sq. pixel photo of the brides parents on one side, and the groom’s parents on the other. Its fixed to the bouquet with a ribbon and a jump ring.

-I was thinking about using herbs or nice leaves instead of flowers to make the boutonnieres for the groomsmen, to add a more simple, masculine touch. Maybe leaves from a ficus, some fiddlehead ferns or some rosemary. Just tie them together with inexpensive, white ribbon and they can put them on with a garment pin.

-An idea for the centerpiece was a wide-mouthed glass vase filled with water. It would have some nice stones or shells at the bottom, and one in the center would have a laminated photo of John and I tied to it with fishing line or crafting wire. The entire photo would be submerged, and a small floating candle would be rested on the water. If I wanted to add extra pizzazz to it, I could use some frosted rub-on transfer paper to make a nice design on the glass. The vase would sit in the center of a wire ring wrapped in white ribbon with paper ‘leaves’ tied around it. The entire centerpiece would cost around $2 to make. Any additional candle holders would likely be long dishes full of bath or rock salts, with tealites rested in it.

-The cake topper is going to be the corset, which I think I’d like to have resting in some baby roses (either confectionary and purchased from a baker, or fabric flowers). I found something called a chandelier cake accent, which is crafting wire that is coiled, and has a plastic gem bead hanging from it. These are stuck into the garnish around the cake topper to give it extra glitz.

Something I came across were ideas for time capsules. I found two I liked:
1: A decorated, empty paint bucket. Cards would be set aside labeled for 5, 10 or 15 years. Guests would be asked to leave their congratulations, predictions for their chosen time frame, and any advice for John and I. (i.e. Congratulations on tying the knot! In ten years, John and Kassi will be living in an amazing beach house, own a yacht, which they take their three kids out on every summer, while their two robots care for the house.)

2. Decorated, plain notebooks, one for each reception table. Inside, people can sign it like a yearbook, with quotes, poetry, their memories of the wedding, advice, predictions, congratulations and other sentiments.

Money-Saving DIY Tips:
-Use fruits and vegetables that are in season. They will be far more available, economically priced, and they’ll taste fresher. (We’re still considering a cocktail reception, so this is a consideration).

-Make your own cupcake tree stand instead, using two acrylic or glass drinking glasses, three graduated sized cake boards and a hot glue gun. Cupcake tree stands are usually made out of cardboard, and run about $40.

-Eliminate casual dates for your guests from the guest list
-Use a deejay instead of a live band. (Chances are, we will be using a computer, speakers and an ipod playlist. At the very least, we will be using a stereo and an iPod dock).

Party Favors:
1. Fudge
At home, we can make thin sheets of chocolate fudge, and cut it into three different sized squares, stack them ontop of one another to make a “cake” shape, and fix them with a regular toothpick that has a bead stuck to the top for decoration.

2. Salt Scrub
An epsom salt scrub made with essential oils and food coloring (I’ll likely leave out the food coloring…). You put it into a nice glass jar from the dollar store and tie some ribbon around it. This is more specific to female guests. The craft instructions can be found here.

The Dress:
We can’t afford the Maggie Sottero dress, unfortunately, but we are preparing to make one that is similar. We found two patterns that we will be using to sew it. First, there is the Belleville Sassoon Dress (#1080), and the Vogue Dress (#7365).

Reference Books:
Wedding Papercrafts” by Anne Brownfield & Jane Cassini
The DIY Bride” by Chris Cochran
The DIY Bride Crafty Countdown” by Khris Cochran
The Complete Mother of the Groom” by Sydell Rabin
The Everything Bridesmaid Book” by Jennifer Lata Rung
Wedding Planning for Dummies” by Marcy Blum & Laura Fisher Kaiser
Wedding Kit for Dummies” by Marcy Blum & Laura Fisher Kaiser
The Everything Wedding on a Budget” by Barbara Cameron
The Groom’s Game Plan” by Dan Jewel & Greg Stadler

Reference Websites:
With This Ring
A Bride’s Brain


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