I Am Capable Of Really Anything (The One That Wins Will Be The One That Hits The Hardest)

Wednesday: "Scientists are very sceptical about homeopathy. They can’t understand how it could possibly work. Why would a minuscule dose of a medicine have any effect on the patient? And why, if you wanted to prescribe something particularly potent, would you recommend taking even less of it? The concept is what some people call ‘counter-intuitive’, although others might argue that it is extremely intuitive, but just not very logical. I mention this now because of a very small factor in your life that seems to be having a disproportionately large effect. Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron are now forming a rare, powerful triple conjunction."
Today, despite its downs, I realized that I’ve been going about this the wrong way. No matter what I do, stay or go, protect or dive all in… it is going to hurt if the worst is true. So do I cheat myself out of love out of fear? Or do I have the faith that it can go right this time, and last?
As for the other stuff, I shouldn’t sweat it as much. I’m unsure of why I am so hyper-aware of time right now. But, I am. My phone is (hopefully) fixed now. I had to escalate my call to a head honcho at Telus. My phone has been inundated with calls, voice mails and texts from strangers for months, and though it was irritating, my plan covered it. Well, then one day, Telus shuts off my phone. However unwise, my bills never go over $60, and are usually under $45, so I’d been paying just over the average that my bills are, and thought I might have a decent credit on my account. This turned out not to be the case. It turned out that despite the frequency and amount of my payments, I had a balance of $150+ owing to Telus. This immediately made me panic, and I began looking through my bills. Each month I had enormous web browsing fees (as it turns out, they were Facebook browsing fees — something I haven’t done on my phone since I lived in Surrey, and even then, my browsing fees were NOT that high), extra downloads for things that were not on my phone (tetris, for starters). I had called Telus about this problem more than a dozen times, each time yielding no results. They would tell me that phones don’t download things by themselves (yes, several different people told me this, and I felt like they were treating my like a lying two-year old). Eventually I had to pretty much break down and lose it on the phone and tell them that if they don’t remove the charges and fix the problem then they could take their phone and their contract and shove it up their ass because I was going to Rogers. (And to be honest, I still am). Last time I called them I had the internet blocked on my phone to prevent this from happening, and yet, within a week there were new browsing charges on my account (something I was watching for and knew I had not used). So finally they escalated me, and here is their method of "fixing" the problem.
               -Disconnect all access to the internet from my phone
                              This means that I cannot send or receive picture or video texts and cannot
                              download games, apps, ringtones or wallpapers — even if I log in to telus
                              mobility online at home and do it from my computer. I also had to cancel
                              my subscription to MSN. This also prevents me from using my phone as a
                              portable modem.
               -Change my online password
               -Change my account PIN
               -Create a 611 password
               -Change my phone lock code
               -Change my voice mail password
               -CHANGE MY PHONE NUMBER
               -And they gave me a free firmware upgrade. It apparently gives my phone better reception.
So now my phone has extremely limited functionality, and I’ve had a ton of credits applied to my account. I had to tell the guy that as confusing as the situation is for him, however suspicious, why would I cause such problems to get out of paying for things I used, only to completely remove access to the ability to ever incur those charges ever again? I used msn on my phone DAILY, and now I don’t have it as a means to stay connected with John during the week. It’s a big pisser. I’m angry that their idea of fixing the problem was to blame me and then limit my ability to use their services whilst making me pay for them. It’s an idiotic way to run your customer service. I wouldn’t be so adamant to get away from Telus if they had the phone I want, but they don’t, and I’m totally uninterested in renewing with them.
As for work, Levar may be getting fired, as it has recently come to my boss’ notice that people tend to call in sick when they’re scheduled to work with him, and that I’m the only one willing to work with him. He’s practically been a saint for the last two shifts (since Maria talked to him). Hours are picking up and staying fairly steady, though I fear that may go away once September rolls around. I spoke to Tenille today. Starbucks is hiring, so I may apply there, even if its in Nanaimo. It’s better than nothing. And I do so love the atmosphere.
Victoria may not be moving in after all. She is being encouraged to, but she will be in Alberta for most of the summer and is unsure if she wants to just rent a room and go through the trouble of moving out of Mom’s. She’s currently weighing the expense versus the benefits. Apparently Tori and Ian are unofficially engaged. That’s pretty awesome. I suggested a double engagement party when it becomes official. I could see everyone getting really excited for Victoria. They usually do. Admittedly, I think that would really hurt me, though it isn’t her fault. Just one more thing people do that makes me feel like nobody takes me seriously. Like this is all a fucking game.
Also, Chris informed me that this weekend, some paperwork needs to be filled out at the bank, as the mortgage payments are going down a bit for the next fiscal year. This is great news. Anyhow, I don’t want to speak too soon, but I feel an upswing coming on, and I think things may be looking up fairly soon. There is even talk about recession ending in the reasonably near future (not really near, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel). I hope that I haven’t jinxed it by speaking too soon. *crosses fingers and toes*

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2 Responses to “I Am Capable Of Really Anything (The One That Wins Will Be The One That Hits The Hardest)”

  1. I"m glad to see things are looking up for you hon. I really am, I sincerely hope it continues for you. *hugs* And Telus is a bunch of fucktrumpets! That’s completely stupidly lame of them.


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