Pass Out At 3, Wake Up At 10, Go Out To Eat and Do It Again

Sunday: "If you do this, that will happen. If you do that, it will lead to this. You’re caught up now, in a kind of game of ‘consequences’. Maybe you should think less about what will happen if you make a move and consider what would happen if you don’t. What if you say ‘Right, that’s it… I’ve had enough.’ Do you have to stick within a silly situation? Must you finish what you have started just because it seems to be expected of you? Can’t you bend the rules, or break them or start playing by a different set of rules entirely? If you’re really ready for change and you show determination now, the only consequences will be good."
Monday: "One little twist is all it takes. Or, at least, now, that’s the case. There are times when we have to struggle for ages to bring about a small improvement in our situation. There are other times, though, when all we have to do is alter one idea or change one aspect of a plan. The Solstice has informed us that this is such a time for you. Work with what you’ve got to hand. Forget about what’s seemingly missing. Rearrange the picture before you and you’ll yet see something truly inspiring within it."
The weekends are never long enough.We’ve had a good one, but they never last long enough. I feel like I’m always scrambling for more time. John and I went to go camping inside the sectional bridge that we found, however, the Ministry of Transportation had sealed it, claiming that the air was unsafe. We hiked around the area for a little while, took a walk down to the river and back, and then decided to stay for the night, regardless. We ended up sleeping on one of the concrete slabs underneath one of the support columns of the bridge. We had a fire with smokies, funky flames, a redneck ice cooler of energy drinks and a candle pit. We slept on a tarp in a one-man sleeping bag, with no tent. It was actually pretty awesome, and we both had a great time (despite the sleeping on concrete part). We left a piece of wisdom, and took home some great pictures (namely, a spider guarding it’s eggs). There were remarkably few mosquitos, and my only complaint is the number of ants out when we woke up. Gross.
We ended up going to Black Creek the next day and had lunch and dinner at Baerental with Gillie and John’s parents. Admittedly, I fell asleep on the couch for awhile, as sleep was restless under the bridge. Afterward, we stopped by Rogers Plus so that I could inquire about the new iPhone 3GS, because I’m getting one. Not sure when, yet, but hopefully before the end of summer. John and I are considering making the jump to Rogers and doing a family plan: two iPhones for $90 a month. The big expense is in paying for the actual phone. The 32G is $299. I can pay for it but it leaves pretty well no breathing room for insulin. In any immediacy it isn’t a practical idea, however, I want to get into a more career-oriented job, and I’ve been considering getting a PDA (like a Blackberry) for about 6 months. But I then found out that CDMA phones are being phased out, and I will have to buy a GSM phone when they take the CDMA satellites down (they’re making it the global standard). Also, I liked that I could integrate a 3MP camera with a GSM phone, and an mp3/video player that can be loaded with apps. It also has bluetooth, and will opt to use open wi-fi sources for internet browsing instead of using the phone to create a wifi connection remotely, and therefore minimize your bills. All-in-all, it’s pretty much what we’re paying now, only with nicer phones. We would also get unlimited calling and text between our two phones… CANADA WIDE… and we’d each have 5 numbers to choose as local calling from anywhere in canada (so perfect for the houses, parents, etc). This was well-researched.
Anyhow, tired. Today we picked up Fanboys (finally!!!!), Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (DVD), and Dane Cook: ISolated INcident. John bought the new Asher Roth CD. Rippage onto the iPod is currently in progress.
Hope your weekend rocked!

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 06/21/2009.

2 Responses to “Pass Out At 3, Wake Up At 10, Go Out To Eat and Do It Again”

  1. Fanboys was awesomely amusing. 🙂 And I really want an iphone, or really any phone that has any features….like at all. (your picture’s not working on my computer, though if it’s of a spider that may be a good thing LOL

  2. It is indeed of that spider.

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