No Time For Empty Voids

Friday: "The world is full of actors. They don’t all appear on stages. Shops are staffed with assistants. Restaurants with waiters. We play the part of customers. They present themselves as representatives of the management. Yet when we leave, we do not expect them to keep serving. When they finish up, after a long shift, they resume their real identities. We do all this without thinking. There is nothing wrong with it, but it is as well to stop and think about the parts that people expect us to play. This weekend sheds new light on an old role. Oh, one more thing before I let you go back to the rest of the internet: It’s a wild world out there!"
Saturday: "The only people on this planet who know ‘all the right answers,’ are the ones who are asking all the wrong questions. In the real world, uncertainties abound. The wise accept as much and make an allowance for it. They will be wary of those who feign infallibility. You really aren’t sure what to do for the best this week. That’s great. It means that at least you won’t end up allowing arrogance to push you into something that turns out to be for the worst. The week starts with a New Moon and ends with a triple conjunction. You are being challenged to recognise a lesson you can profit greatly from learning."
Posted today on MSN Lifestyle: How To Deal With Love Regrets. Intuitive counsellor Susan King offers her seasoned and insightful spin on life’s difficult moments.
This got me thinking and I had a few things to say also.

Q: My husband and I have been married for 12 years. For the past six months, he has been slowly pulling away from me. He tells me that he loves me but says he isn’t in love with me. Recently, he moved out for a trial separation. I’m confused because we were once truly happy. We have a four-year-old child who is the love of both our lives. Is he going through a mid-life crisis? Can I do anything to bring us back together? – Sadly separated

Dear Sadly separated: I’m sorry to say, but I don’t think he’s being totally honest with you. I feel that he has been seeing someone. This is appalling behaviour, given that he’s your husband and you have a child together. Do you have the courage to challenge him on this? I sense that you’ve lost your power and that you’re just waiting for him to make the decisions. It’s time to be assertive — for both you and your child. I know it’s in you to take charge of matters. If it’s any comfort, this tryst with the other woman will fizzle and he’ll be sniffing around your door again. But by then you’ll have moved on. I know this scenario doesn’t seem possible, but trust me: You’re a strong woman and you’ll find your way.

I agree with the assessment. The only time this ever happened to me in a relationship, my spouse was cheating on me. We didn’t have a child, but we were common law married for several years. Personally, I’ve reached a point in believing that if a man cheats on you, it’s time to kick him to the curb. I tried the forgiving thing once, it’s pretty fruitless. Find a man who can keep it in his pants.


Party this weekend! We’re all strapping on our party hats.

I’m disappointed. I’m very disappointed. I wish that I’d taken this weekend to go to Vancouver alone, and party my face off with some of my Van friends at Celebrities. I’m feeling very much the urge to be selfish. This sucks.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/22/2009.

2 Responses to “No Time For Empty Voids”

  1. 😦 Except that the party’s been cancelled. Going to take Gillian to the Matinee of UP if possible though…

  2. *sigh*

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