A World About To Burn

"Do you know who you need to talk to? It’s strange how we all tend to converse more easily with the people we are naturally in contact with. We don’t like to introduce ourselves to strangers or go to the effort of building trust with folk we hardly know. We would almost rather complain to someone who has no power to change anything, than to seek out whoever is best positioned to make a difference. Yet you don’t have to look hard to find the ears that really need to hear your words. Look around more carefully."
I received my first birthday present last night. John bough me GuildWars, GW Factions, and GW Nightfall.  I also want to get GW Eye Of The North. But I have lots and lots to play with right now. God help me if that Buffy MMO comes out.  Thank you, babe! Now we can play together when you feel like you haven’t played in too long. Oh! Oh! AND THE LAN PARTIES! oh em gee. Color me excited. 🙂
I love that summer is coming. The cruise hasn’t arrived in the mail yet, but hopefully soon…

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 05/21/2009.

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