Ooh, Ooh, I’m Ugly

I may not be beautiful, but at least I have a pretty face…

"What do you suppose would be the beautiful way to save face
In a place where people get by without being pretty
Seems to fit the ones who think they are- they obviously are.
Secure from headlice, burn all the cool clothes
The plastic fat-asses and the brand new nose, the crooked smile and the phony voice
All the dreams, all the choice
How many times can we look at your face
and believe every word you say?
As much as you think I’d like to live in your shoes
I wouldn’t hesitate to throw them away."

A list of things I need:

-A paper bag (for my head)
-A bulky sweat suit (for the rest of me)
-A disgusting amount of money (so I can throw out the paper bag and the sweatsuit once I fix the problem)
-A cure for diabetes (so that I can actually have the surgery and hope to live).

I feel so ugly right now. You couldn’t possibly understand.



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 04/30/2009.

3 Responses to “Ooh, Ooh, I’m Ugly”

  1. And yet the first time I saw you, I thought "Damn! Who’s Tori’s hot friend?" That wasn’t just a passing thought either, I find you incredibly attractive. Don’t you see the expression on my face? The desire in my eyes? Can’t you feel the way I hold you?

  2. You are beautiful, inside and out. *hug*

  3. Sometimes I wish I looked like how I feel I am on the inside.

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