Wedding Registry News

Hello Everyone!

Big news! Things are happening and we’re really excited!

First of all, a friend of ours, Tanya, gave us a gently used Maytag fridge, that is big. Our roommates have the newer one, but ours is bigger. With three men and a woman under one roof, plus Connor and Jeanelle as frequent guests, we have no room for our own food, save for a jug of milk and a bottle of hot sauce, and they’re not very tasty together. So our suite downstairs is slowly being realized. This is despite the fact that John works in Victoria during the week and isn’t home much. So today, we went on our second ever real grocery shopping trip, to put our food in our new fridge. We’re putting a percolator and microwave in down there too.

About two months ago, Jeanelle and Amber took John and I to a Bridal Exhibition at Beban Park. Well, I entered all of these cool draws for free stuff and contests. I got a call from Herbal Magic once, and all but ignored it (I just never got around to it, but I should call them). Last week, I got a call from a company called Table Charm. Their booth was just to the immediate left of the photobooth (we have pictures, they must be scanned). I won a free trip to any one of 11 locations around the world (and they were very nice). We had the choice of an all-inclusive resort destination in the Bahamas for 4 days and 3 nights (Viva Resorts), excluding airfare, or a longer trip to one of a list of locations within North America or Mexico (VIP/Odenza Vacations). We chose the longer trip.
Now, the catch to claiming the prize was that we had to attend a 1.5 hour demonstration of a line of products sold by the company. Going in, we had an open mind and hadn’t decided not to get anything. We also hadn’t decided to get anything. The demonstration actually ended up being about 3 hours, but we were really glad we went. The cookware was excellent (heavy, made of BRAND NEW, unrecycled surgical steel), and is a waterless cooking system. Meaning, we can put vegetables in a pot, put the lid on, cook them for 10 minutes on medium heat with no water, and not only are they perfectly cooked, not burnt, but they haven’t had all of the nutrients boiled out of them. 😀

They’re one-piece, and we ended up registering the set. Now, it isn’t an expensive investment, but we feel it was a good one. We don’t have any pots or pans. The set is 12pc. and also comes with a knife set (perfectly-wheighted, chef quality, full-tang, folded, unrecycled surgical steel) and utensils (BBQ fork, ladle, etc). The items on our registry aren’t inexpensive, but this registry works based on dollar contributions, not the purchase of individual items.

For registering, we were also awarded a 4 day, 3 night Carnival Cruise. So we’ll be likely going to Anaheim for the first trip, then going to L.A. to catch the cruise, and take our return airfare from wherever we dock. We would likely use this as our honeymoon, if it wasn’t for the fact that we have 12 months from yesterday to claim the first trip, and getting two separate slots of time out of work in a year is hard. We do have to get Nexus cards or Passports, also, but whatever. Our registration information doesn’t come in for a few weeks, yet, but we’re buckling down on a date so that we can get our invitations together and send out the registration cards with the invitations. We haven’t decided whether we’ll be doing an additional registry ontop of this one, but for the moment, we’re satisfied we have one at all. The best part is that if it comes down to it and we can’t afford to immediately go on our honeymoon and we have to postpone, we won’t be as choked about it.

And the funniest part of the evening? We also won a sort-of door prize at this thing, and got a set of serving utensils.

The Registry includes:
-12 Pc Pot/Pan/Skillet cooking set
-5 Pc Knife set
-6 Pc Kitchen Tool set
-Cookbook & DVD
-50-Year Extended, UNCONDITIONAL Warranty on all Table Charm Products
-50-Year 20-40% Discount on all Table Charm Products

This week has been tremedously awesome. It’s really great to have some turnaround from the way things have been lately. BIG, BIG THANKS TO AMBER AND JEANELLE FOR TAKING US TO THE BRIDAL EXHIBITION! None of this would be happening without you…<3


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  1. Like I said on facebook, woohoo! 😛 That cooking set sounds awesome! Also, I need some pictures that you’d want on the announcements, I remember you wanted some black and white photos. 🙂

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