You Were All I Ever Needed, But You Crucified My Heart

Today: If you can’t judge a book by looking at the cover, how are you supposed to know what it contains? You can’t possibly read every book in the library. To some extent, must trust your first impression of a situation. Your instincts are pretty good. But you do have to make sure that they are not being coloured by fear or by prejudice. What’s required is a closer investigation of a key matter. You don’t have to find out everything about everything – but you do need to know a bit more. Ask the right questions this week, and you’ll get answers that potentially alter everything for the better."
Tomorrow: "You know those little plastic puzzles, with the tiles that you have to slide around? There’s always one missing, even if you get all the pieces in order. A bit like life. You can shuffle things about – but if you fix a problem here, you’ll probably create another one over there, instead. No matter what you do, you’ll never make everything perfect. I’m not trying to depress or discourage you. On the contrary, I want to help you feel better about your current cause for concern. See it from a wider perspective. Then relax and be glad of all that’s still so good. If you look again this week, at something you think you know all about, you’ll see something excitingly new within it."
John and I just returned from the North Island, last night. We spent a lovely few days at his parents’ place in Black Creek with The Bean. We went over to Quadra Island on Friday afternoon to visit Lonn, Sarah, Brandon and Sterling. We stayed until the last sailing out. We went for lunch on the beach and walked the spit (which was hard, because the tide was out and the beach was all rocks– I was wearing ballet flats, so it wasn’t ideal) and collected oysters. Sarah and I got trapped on the spit and tried to throw rocks into the water to make a path across. We both ended up getting back to the house with wet shoes. Hehe. We cooked hot dogs on the beach fire and threw stones into the distance. John and I had fun trying to out-walk one another on the driftood logs to and from the car. Unfortunately, I slid on an unsturdy one and landed on one of my knees and bruised it pretty good. Oh well, I was just glad to have avoided the carving knives I was carrying in the food bag back to the car. Upon return, we all (except the kids, of course) got a little tipsy on Glacier Vodka and some mix. I tried Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino in one, then Orange Juice, V8 Splash, Orange Juice, Apple Juice and 5 Alive in another. And of course, I had the ever-popular Sugarfree Redbull. John stuck to Monster and vodka. I passed out on the couch for a bit watching 16:9, and he woke me up with an obligatory grope or two. But he sobered up again. He is such a horn-dog when he’s tipsy. We watched Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl. I missed Jenny a lot.
On Saturday we went to Anna’s to help her fix her computer. Her power supply went, so John had to help her sort out what she wanted fixed. She’s an artist, so she helped me puzzle over some of my work and give me some of her criticisms. She draws mandalas with India Ink. They’re very ornate and lovely. We were discussing how fond we both were of the character that hand-drawing adds to her work. After that, we returned to the Boyes’ Ranch, and John fiddled with some of his car things for a bit (he had planned on spending an hour in there, assembling his 1984 Fiero Engine). We ate lunch and hit the road shortly after that.
As for everything else, I’ve said all I can. You are either a forgiving person, or a selfish one. You aren’t the only one who has problems. What I do know for sure is that any sneaking and skulking will result in my packing my shit and moving on anyway. So can we cut the bullshit already and be adults and act out in the open? Because if you can’t, I’m out of here. Choose wisely.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 04/12/2009.

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