Woke Up To The Perfect Day (I Had So Much Fun Today)

The last few days has turned out to be so much better than I expected. I hard originally arranged to have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off of work, but that fell through when Kathy conveniently remembered that she had double-booked herself, and had to bow out. That has actually happened to me before. My job is more important and I would hope that anyone I deemed worthy of my time would be understanding. But then, I’m a professional, and I don’t know many. So then I called Levar, to ask him if he would trade me Sunday for Thursday, and pickup 2 extra hours via the trade-off. That guy is a conniving con-artist. Everyone needs hours, but he wasn’t willing to trade, despite getting two more hours out of it, simply out of the desire to have me just hand him the entire 8 hours shift without trading. The deal for him was, I either just give it to him, or I’m on my own. This is where people seem to think they have the right to underestimate me. I don’t respond well to blackmail. He’d better hope he doesn’t need me for a bloody thing… ever… or he’ll be S.O.L. I was already having a bad day, since I’d just found out about Papa Steve. I was not prepared to deal with not seeing my fiancee for more than 5 minutes within a two week period. I was so upset I nearly quit and left work in tears.
John and I decided that since I couldn’t get out of working at 6am on Sunday, that he would come home on Friday night, get himself organized, and ride out to Black Creek the same night. But then Jan caught wind of some weather advisories, and told him that she would bring The Bean to Nanaimo, instead of him risking the ride on his bike. As it turns out, despite the fact that the roads were perfectly clear from Victoria to Nanaimo, there were large sheets of black ice out towards Black Creek. So John spent Friday night, and Jan and Gillie showed up at around 9:30am. It started snowing about then, too, so good call. We all went to MGM for Brunch (Elevensies… haha) and then Jack picked up Jan around noon (they left the truck with us for the week). John, Gillie and I then went to Jumpin Jiminy’s for about 4 hours (poor Gillian was absolutely exhausted by the time we left) and then we went to Swiss Chalet for dinner. Gillian passed out in the booth!!
While John was strapping Gillian into her carseat before dinner, he had me run over to SourceAdult. We’d agreed upon the perfect gift for Chris, for his birthday: a 1/2 Litre mini watercooler of Lube. We didn’t tell Jeanelle, either. I can’t wait to see the look on his face. It’s cute, it’s hilarious, and he is going to stutter like he’s having an epileptic seizure. LOL!
Believe it or not, this is the ONLY picture of it I could find online…
Anyhow, after we got home, we put Miss Gillian Von Bärental to bed. John layed down with her for a bit. It’s strange, until John, any time I had considered the possibility of dating (let alone marrying) a man with a child, I avoided it. I didn’t think I’d be prepared to participate in a relationship that would require that particular kind of responsibility from me. That’s a strong dynamic to plant yourself in the middle of, and the idea made me uncomfortable. I don’t know why it felt so effortless with John. Now the only point of discomfort, for me, is loving Gillian so much that I can’t help but wish that she was my daughter (biologically, I mean). Whenever I see John being particularly Fatherly, it actually draws me to him even more. I love him more, I want him more. Anyhow, efter putting The Bean down, we went to bed also.
John is leaving at noon to have her home by 2, so he won’t be home until about 4. It should be interesting. Apparently, he plans to confront Deanne about her behavior towards me and put her in her place. I find that wholly reassuring. She has been irrationally, and intentionally rude towards me, and though I have maintained being the bigger person by not confronting her, I’ve made it clear enough that I don’t deserve the crude monakers she keeps trying to label me with. Anyhow, John should be home in time to join in on Chris’ birthday festivities. It should be a rolicking good time.
I’ve spent the last few days tweaking my version of XP. I have XP Pro SP3. I downloaded ViOrb 9.0.1, so now it’s all teched out, and looks just like Windows Vista. I love it. If I thought my computer could handle Windows Vista, I might have even tried to install a cracked version of Vista Full. But since Windows 7 is coming out, I’m going to wait and see what that’s like. I’m hoping it’ll be Vista meets XP. From what I’ve seen, and from the beta leaks, that’s what it appears to be (a Windows Vista lite meets XP– it’s really neat). The only thing I need to tweak is the rainbar. The one I have isn’t customizeable, and I don’t like the clock, or the orange calendar.
John and I are still waiting for news about the possible permanence of his job position. John is (and quite smart for it) preparing his resume, to submit for consideration for his position once it is publicly posted, and also so that he has something else to fall on if he is replaced for any reason. If he does get the position, I will be moving to Victoria to join him. We haven’t discussed what will happen with our suite, mortgage or rent, but I’m sure something can be worked out. I’m going to try to start applying for jobs more within my qualifications. I can’t deal with the paltry minimum-wage dead-end jobs anymore. They’re nothing but a waste, and a whole lot of trouble. Apparently, that makes me quite rare. John didn’t start applying for career jobs until he was into his thirties. I feel proud. I just feel that through taking whatever I can get for work, I’m destroying the possibility of doing something I could be really successful at. I’ve become complacent. It’s time to get competitive.
Anyhow, it has started to snow again, and I have business to attend to.

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  1. Good luck with the job hunt my dear!

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