Heart Full Of Pain, Head Full Of Stress, Handfull Of Anger Held In My Chest

It’s hard not to feel like all I have done to John’s life is worsen it. I came along, and became such a huge part of things, and all I have done is cost him.

1) Deanne is mad- so much so that she is willing to serve court papers on unfounded accusations, simply to make his life hard because of me.
2) His scheme to propose to me at the Shaw Christmas party got us both uninvited.
3) I’ve single-handedly ruined a valuable 12 year friendship of his, because I’m in the way.

I feel like a complication. This happens every time I walk into someone’s life. Things get difficult for them, not because I do anything myself, but I’ve noticed that negative things happen to anyone I get too close to. What have I done?



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 03/08/2009.

3 Responses to “Heart Full Of Pain, Head Full Of Stress, Handfull Of Anger Held In My Chest”

  1. If you keep trying to prove Murphy’s law, will something go wrong?1) You know she’s a cow2) John hated that job anyway3) I’m still here ……… if your speaking in my reference (Don’t wanna be self centered here)

  2. Thanks. Bad days seem to… really reinforce the belief I find I occasionally hold, that I have an unfailing dark cloud following me around. Thanks for the encouragement. Today, I’m feeling less blue, more cut-throat. 😀

  3. Indeed she was referring to us.

    1) If Deanne sends any further disparraging emails, they will be added to the stack and printed out. If she’s asking ONLY for what is on the paperwork, I’m actually ok with it. My fear is that she’s asking for that ABOVE the $500/monthand I can’t find my tax papers from 2007. Any incorrect information she puts forth as fact will only backfire. She may in fact just have incorrect information. Is it a strength or a failing that I’m willing to see the good side of people?

    2) Yup. Loved the people – most of them anyway.

    3) I’m so glad you’re still here. Friendships 12 years long are worth hanging onto.

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