True Colours Are Beautiful, Like A Rainbow

Just so everyone is on the same page, the colours that John and I agreed upon are champagne, white and black. The inspiration for the colour scheme came from a necklace I bought, and decided I wanted to wear for the wedding. (Sorry I don’t have a better picture of it… for the time being I am limited to the camera on my cell phone). It is a white magnolia with pearl paint and pearl accents, set on a gold chain.

There has been a lot of discussion about the colours (people seemed evenly split, for or against). Since the wedding is in the summer, and will likely be taking place in an outdoor garden, we felt that it would be nice to have more subdued colours instead of trying to compete with all of the colours in the environment. It offered a more classic feel. With that said, I am simply posting some pictures that I found online to inspire ideas about what kinds of things we were looking for.

Here are some examples of nice ideas for a dress for a bridesmaid, or a guest who chooses to match the wedding party. The colours don’t have to be exact, and there doesn’t have to be any specific cut. Bridesmaids are welcome to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, and feel that they look best in, as long as it isn’t unsuitable for the occasion. Since I can’t afford to supply the bridesmaids with dresses, that is the most I can ask for. I did mention, as well, that a plain black dress with champagne accessories (even just the shoes or jewellery) would be pretty neat, too.

The ideas for the groomsmen, ushers, and ring bearer-bearer are fairly simple. Most men own at least one suit, and it is usually black. If that’s the case, if at all possible, champagne accents, like ties, vests, handkerchief are preferable. If the closest anyone can come to that is khaki, gold or light brown, that is also good. Ultimately, since we can’t afford to pay for anyone’s suits, black is also fine.

John and I are only very specific on one thing: we both want to be the only two people wearing white. John (very much in the tradition of the bride) wants to wear an entirely white tux, and I want to wear an entirely white dress. To that end, we are being quite traditional about the colours. John has made it clear that he feels anyone else to come wearing a white outfit would be in poor taste.

This is sort-of what I had in mind for the ring-bearer, though he will more likely be wearing a bow-tie, for the sake of safety.

I also brought another idea to Jan, about the dresses for the flower girls. They will not be subjected to the colours. John and I decided that Gillian and Shai-Ann would be more compliant, and enjoy themselves more if they were allowed to wear something “pretty”. This is what we were thinking:


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6 Responses to “True Colours Are Beautiful, Like A Rainbow”

  1. your blog is very good……

  2. That is a gorgeous necklace! I think your colour scheme makes sense totally, and it seems like it will be very elegant. -luvs, Lauren

  3. Love the neaklace kassi, its really gorgeous. Heres the dress I was thinking of getting: have it in a store in town aswell and the store said they can shorten it to knee length if thats what I want. What do you think? Long or knee length? Good looking dress at all?

  4. Thanks for the support. Keep on visiting! Jenny: That dress is positively lovely! Though I have an alternative for you, just because of the price. If you go to Urban Planet or Sirens, check out their dresses. They have something very similar and it comes in red and black, and it is half the price. Knee-length or long, I’m not particular, though if you plan to spend that kind of money on a dress, I would do an alteration like that. Save your money and buy a less expensive short dress, if you decide that’s what you want. Knee length might be more comfortable, because we will be outdoors in the summer, for the ceremony.

  5. Very true. Jackie was telling me about this place on johnson st that does tailored dresses for $90. You flip through catalogues, pick a top and bottom and they make it for you/order it. Not really sure on the details but we’re going to check it out soon.

  6. Oh since you are thinking of having your dress made i will definatly stop by the store soon and see the pricing ect, maybe you can get your dress made there

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