Have Your Cake, And Eat It, Too!

In the first little while, following the engagement,
I began surfing the internet, looking for cool ideas. I’m unconventional, though a bit of a traditionalist, so I was looking for something unique, but reasonably simple and convenient. I found all sorts of neat, artsy cakes. One of my favorites was a cake that looked like a stack of colourful throw pillows.

However, after running a few ideas past John, and showing him pictures of the cakes I liked, we agreed on two major things. The cake doesn’t have to be overly extravagant, and we don’t want everyone to be having to do all of this hard work, cutting and cleaning up (a lot of people make a secondary cake, to cut it up and wrap the pieces for the guests prior to the wedding). That was when we decided that a cupcake tree cake would be the best route.

This way, we can eliminate the concern for making another cake for the guests, it’s fairly simple to accomplish, there is little cleanup involved, and each cupcake is a fully adorned, uncut, individual-sized piece of the cake. We haven’t chosen a type yet, though John and I are both fans of chocolate and anything coffee-flavored. The cake can’t have nuts in it, several of our guests have allergies. If at all possible, we want to find a diabetic-friendly recipe for things, so that myself, and guests who may be sensitive (there are a few) to sugar can enjoy it without too much worry. The top tier of the cake will be a one-piece. We’ve both decided that we really like this one (just to the waist).

I will have to run it past John again, but I believe we agreed that plain white and pearl were fine for the cake (we didn’t want to overdo it with color, because it is already a very intricate cake top). His great idea, though, was to put “sleeves” on the cupcakes. Cupcakes obviously already come in the wax cups, but he thought it might be cool to put corset sleeves on them made out of white paper and string/ribbon. No ideas for adornments on the cupcakes yet, but I wouldn’t be dissatisfied if they were relatively plain. We haven’t chosen a cake topper yet, or even discussed if one is necessary, given the cake top that we’ve chosen. John mentioned something about possibly making them himself.

The only other suggestion that I can think of for desserts at the wedding, is something made out of Sugarfree Jello (a jello guitar sounds so cool :P) and a small selection of ice creams. Possibly some whipped cream or cool whip to go with the cake?

Diabetic cake recipes (baking splenda instead of fructose- it is still sugar), prefer ones that are not plan vanilla flavor (vanilla gets boring):

Diabetic cookies:


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6 Responses to “Have Your Cake, And Eat It, Too!”

  1. I think that the top part is gorgeous! And the idea of a cupcake tree is great! The sleeves are a neat idea as well.

  2. Lovely Corset cake. Sleeves sound interesting but complicated to prepare. While a cupcake tree is convenient for giving out at the wedding it is more complicated to transport and longer to set up.Several years ago a Girlfriend of mine Lynna – you will meet her ;}} – had Truffles. Mom has a GREAT truffle recipe and so she had a truffle tree.again easy to divide up and portion at the wedding but more maintenance at the event and before hand.Great! ideas girl!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. We will definitely look at the logistics involved in the cupcake transport arena. The sleeves will take time to make (we need 70 of them) but I think it’ll be worth it. 🙂 I’d want to test it out at least once and see what I come up with.

  4. We could have a crafting party. make a bunch of cupcakes and then practice;}}I do love your colour scheme and the cake top is gorgeous and from what I know suites you beautifully.

  5. That might be arrangeable at some point. And thanks!

  6. Have you considered edible flowers for the cupcakes? I don’t know the prices for those sorts of things (or where you’d get them, florist I’m assuming), but it was an idea that popped into my mind the other night. But then again if you’re wanting to do the sleeves maybe plain tops would be better. :)Just a thought! Luvs,Lauren!

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