The Cost Of Ill Pretend

"Gemini: What’s that dust cloud over the brow of the hill? Could it be the cavalry thundering to the rescue? Is it after ten but before twelve? Then it must be the eleventh hour. There is only one thing comes before dawn, and that’s the darkest time. So what are we worried about? Why should we be concerned about the state of the world? And why should you feel apprehensive about the state of your own situation? It can only be a matter of time before the big turn-around begins. Can you afford to wait that long? Just about!"
I haven’t much to say. There are occasional spans of time, in which I feel I have nothing to contribute (or at least nothing new). I suppose I still feel somewhat maudlin, and I don’t think it to be a constructive state of being, or even a relevant one, right now. I have nothing to feel that way for.
I’m still waiting for the reply to my letter. I hope there is still one coming. I feel I deserve it. It was hard, to have to write it, and then read it. There are still things that haven’t been answered. There are still things that I need, that my letter begged for. Regardless, I think everything will be okay. I won’t be the most pleased person alive, though, if I have to demand an apology when it should be forthcoming. "I’m Sorry" doesn’t sound like the most difficult thing to say, does it? Unless it would be another lie. (Are we beginning to understand the maudlin part?)
I started a blog for the wedding. Yes, I realize it was a geek move, but this way, everyone who is involved with it can stay up-to-date and connected at the same level. Repeating information is tiresome when you have to do it so much, and half the time, you repeat yourself to a few people, and don’t say a thing to a few others. Everyone who was meant to see it was sent an email. ‘Nuff said. Now off to the eats.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 03/03/2009.

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