Hele Mei Hoohiwahiwa Keoni A Me Kakanakala’s La Male’ana

"Kahu Lio: E Hoomau Maua Kealoha. Male Ana E Pili Mai Aloha Kaua." -Wahine Male Hou
Time is moving. Sometimes I forget that there is an immediate future. Usually, when big things in my life are coming, they blindside me, and I don’t know what to expect. This time, for the most part, I know what is coming. I’m thrilled, I’m prepared (and still preparing) for it. But it makes it hard to live a daily life sometimes, because you feel it, constantly. Every once in awhile, no matter what I’m doing, I’ll stop and the flooding emotion will set in, and all of my insides are just overwhelmed with: "Oh my God. I’m getting married. Wowww." And that isn’t a bad thing. It usually makes me want to crush people with oversized, girly hugs. Or I’ll adjust my ring, shine it, and it’ll dawn on me what an affectionate thing that is to do– just how much it means to me (though I do know this on my own, doing it unintentionally is just reinforcing).
John and I did our walk-thru of Beacon Hill Park last weekend, and picked our top 2 places to have the wedding ceremony. Our first choice, was, alas, the area of the garden that was vandalized late last year.  We’re hoping that despite how wet it has been, the grass will have an opportunity to grow back while the flowers bloom. We chose it because it has a wide open area for seating, it’s near a pond (and we want to exchange vows by the water), it’s a 90 second walk from the bathrooms, and a 2 minute walk from the playground (for guests with children), and parking is readily available in multiple directions. We do have a secondary location, but since there is an extremely visible apartment building from there, it got 2nd place. We had considered getting married by the beach, but the beach by Beacon Hill is mostly bluffs, and the wind coming in from the sea is intense. We’d be holding my skirt down and yelling our vows at each other with our eyes shut.
So the park is $12 for four hours, plus $25 for the property insurance to cover 70 people, plus $50 for the chairs (and the jury is still out on what, exactly, the seating will be).
We also attended Brandy and Todd’s infamous "House Warming Party", which was a boatload of fun. We sat around, drank, socialized, played drunken rounds of RockBand for PS3 (I lost my voice, twice). Many of the less sociable men hid in the computer lab and played Spore for several hours. I flitted from activity station to activity station and then passed out on a loveseat. It was very much fun. We had all gone to Boston Pizza for lunch that morning, too. It was great.
More wedding activities to come. My Engagement Party is apparently some time this month (though I have my suspicions that it may be delayed) and John and I are being taken to a wedding-related event on Sunday.
Hasta Mañana!

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