The Fight For You Is All I’ve Ever Known, So Come Home

"You take this hand
You take this heart
Steal my bones from a thousand miles apart
Feels so cold
Felt just like it’s ten shades of winter
And I need the sun."

Long day, but I felt it had earned its own entry. I woke up in John’s arms, which almost immediately signifies a great day to come, regardless of the incline awaiting me ahead. Surprisingly, it wasn’t bad. At first, I was determined to refuse to speak a word at work that had nothing to do with taking and following orders. I honestly have no interest in friendship with anyone at A&W (except Ian, but he’s family), and I certainly don’t want to share my personality, opinions or the goings on of my life with any one of them. So I gave everyone, unanimously, the silent treatment for the better part of my shift. I made some non-specific small-talk, and when I was asked about what happened, I told them that it was offensive to me that they even knew about it, and that it was not up for discussion. So I kept myself busy all day, got my work done and got out of there with time to change and be on time to work at Co-Op. Co-Op was a nice change of pace for work. It’s better. Before I worked at Co-Op in the morning and then A&W in the evening. I had the more physical work after 8 hours of already working, whereas, now I get to actually wind down. There is a great deal of sitting and doing dick-all at Co-Op. I was a little perturbed (but I cannot complain from a financial standpoint) to discover that my hours at A&W were up to 41 from a pathetic 25 that I had previously been scheduled for. However, it looks like I’ll recover nicely with the help that the money from Co-Op will provide. I’m going to tell Ron that while I am still employed at A&W, I’ll be available to work in the afternoons if he needs me to from Monday to Friday. Nate will be out of the hospital soon, hopefully, and that will effectively end my short-term employment at Co-Op this year, but I’m making myself available to some extra part time while John is out of town. I’m aware that’s more work than I should be doing, but honestly, at Co-Op, I can sit for most of my shift. It isn’t physically intensive, it’s just an attentiveness thing.

Anyhow, I dragged my bogged down body to The Vault to sit at Open Mic for an hour with Mom. She was nice enough to buy me a coffee and a refill, and we enjoyed some music. One of the performers did an acoustic jam of ‘Mad World’ by Gary Jules. I was the only one who knew the words, so he really liked that I was singing along with him. I did an acappella of ‘Stop & Stare’ by OneRepublic. It blew. 😛 I wanted to sing some excerpts from "Dr. Horrible" but I was just too tired. I had little energy to muster my singing voice.

I’m in a period of great transition. There are big changes coming, even soon, sooner than the 6 or so months away that our wedding will be. I don’t know what they are yet, or when they’re coming, but I feel like my fingertips are brushing up against them, and I’m just trying to reach out and grasp them. This is unlike my traditional personality. It has been a long standing aspect of my personality that change is an ultimate disruptor; I’ve feared and loathed it like cats do with water. This time, I moved with only the complaints of time restrictions and lack of assistance. This time, I’m not grabbing on tight and holding on like hell to the past and the present. I’m excited for tomorrow. I even want it to hurry.

Years – 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033

Ox Personality Traits –
Ox characterizes a dependable, patient, methodical and calm, hardworking, materialistic as well as an ambitious character. Still waters run deep, as anyone who has observed an Ox will tell you. People born in the Year of the Ox are the supremely self-assured, and as a result are noted for inspiring confidence in others. Generally patient and thoughtful, they measure their words, and will speak clearly and concisely often when it matters most. Born to lead, Ox people can be quite stubborn — but also stubbornly loyal to those they love. However, when opposed, their fierce tempers are legendary. So always follow this very wise advice : never cross an Ox! Generally placid and easy-going on the outside, the Ox can be very dogmatic. There are no gray areas evident within their narrow scope of vision, and they often only see things as good or bad. Therefore, they are never easily persuaded by a clever argument. Possessing an excellent memory, the Ox can often recall verbatim a conversation weeks or months after it has occured. Their physical stamina combined with their mental alertness is a distinct advantage when it comes to completing any task at hand. In fact, Oxen can often be seen patiently working away… long after everyone else has dropped from sheer exhaustion! Ox people are also generally good with their hands, and together with sterling leadership abilities are often successful as doctors or surgeons, construction managers, army generals or business leaders.
People born in the Chinese New Year of Ox (2009) will preponderantly have the below mentioned traits in their character: Leadership qualities, dependable, great organizers, loyal, patient as well as strong and responsible. They are also some of the best people one can have as colleagues in the work place as they are believed to posses strong work ethics and display their creative side as well, especially when it comes to decorating their home. Since the people born in the Ox year are also trusted to be reliable and logical, people generally turn towards them for suggestions and guidance. Their honesty and eye for details also helps them to prove their worth both in the workplace as well as in their personal lives. However there are a few negative traits associated with the character of the Ox that also is reflected through the people born in the ox years. Attributes like being narrow minded, stubborn, with low public relations skills and also very far from being emotional are generally associated with people born in this year.

Oxen Are Most Compatible With : Rat, Snake, Rooster (John, you’re an Ox, too!)

Famous Oxen : Johann Sebastian Bach, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charlie Chaplin, George Clooney, Walt Disney, Anton Dvorak, Catherine Freeman, Clark Gable, Richard Gere, Whoopi Goldberg, George Frideric Handel, Oscar De La Hoya, Vivien Leigh, Juliette Lewis, Jack Nicholson, Richard Nixon, Barack Obama, Aishwarya Rai, Wayne Rooney, Meg Ryan, Meryl Streep, Vincent Van Gogh, Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana, .

GEMINI (May 21-June 21): January 13, 2009

Take care of that messy to-do list — even if it seems totally daunting! You’ve got the energy to take care of an almost unlimited number of tiny tasks, as long as you get on them right away. Try to get your people to chill out today — you need them to relax and they need some down time even if they don’t realize it yet. Keep the conversation light and airy and don’t focus on the dark stuff.
A sobering experience in a love relationship occurs around this time. You may be rudely shown ways in which your attitude and behavior towards a loved one is based on misguided principles. You may discover that for a long time you have been expecting the other person to play a role that fits a concept of yours, but is stifling for the other person. Now you must learn to let the other person express his/her nature more fully, and you must adjust to it. The opposite situation may also occur; you realize that you have been playing a role to meet the expectations of others and you want to be more genuine and have a more genuine relationship with others. You are also likely to discover that you have some "fair weather friends" that let you down when you need them most. You also discover some "real friends" who take an interest in your deeper concerns and interests.

Gemini Woman & Leo Man (Compatability)

Whew, this combination is intense and just keeps going and going and going and going! This match could work out great. You are both social butterflies who love being the center of attention. If you get together, you’ll have a terrific time competing with each other for the spotlight. His flamboyance and great sense of humor complement your outgoing attitude and your creative, intelligent mind. You’ll have great conversations with a Leo boy, and then you can have great kissing sessions- you two have terrific chemistry! This is a relationship where you can both inspire each other to be your best in every way. A very good love match. An affectionate pair who really enjoy each other. Great match in all areas. Both are extroverts. Gemini’s roving eye doesn’t bother confident Leo. Leo doesn’t like Gemini’s ridiculing ways and Leo probably wants more adoration than Gemini is willing to give. Both love to laugh and cause sparks in the bedroom. Between the two of you, you can produce more comedy and belly laughs than Must See TV. Spirits run high with this cosmic combination, but Gemini girl must hold her own while not getting locked into a competition with her Leo. Leo loves drama and intrigue, and so do you.  Just be sure to make room for quiet time and honest discussions. (Err… trust me– I am not lacking in showering my Leo with adoration *like CRAZY* and I try not to be overly judgemental about anything…)



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One Response to “The Fight For You Is All I’ve Ever Known, So Come Home”

  1. I’ll be back in Van around the Beginning of April end of March, My program starts April 6th, and there’s a manditory orientation type of deal on the 2nd. So I’ll definitly be there in April. We might even be in the same building we lived in before, at least we were looking into it and there were places avaliable, it would be nice, since we know the area, the landlords and generally know it’s not going to be a shitty place to live. But that’s just a thought right now. of course, I’ll keep you updated on that type of stuff! Luffs!

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