Dr. Horrible News + Meet Felecia Day!

Dr. Horrible will soon be joining the much-loved tradition of the travelling sing-along, in the same fashion as the Once More With Feeling travelling sing-along. On February 11th, 2009, there is a Brew & View Dr. Horrible Sing-Along at the Majestic Theatre in Washington.

115 King St
Madison, WI 53703
Show is on February 11, 2009. Tickets $3 at the door.
Doors open at 8pm and the show starts at 9pm.
here for directions, and here for a map.

The 43-minute musical, deemed by TIME magazine as one of 50 Top Inventions of 2008, will be accompanied by a Whedon-specific quiz, where you will be able to show off your knowledge of all things Buffy, Firefly, Angel and Dr. Horrible (and perhaps even answer a question or two about Dollhouse, which doesn’t premiere until February 13th). There will also be a Whedonverse costume contest, in which you are encouraged and implored to mimic your favorite Whedonverse characters throughout the evening for a chance to win prizes at the end of the night. Last but not least, the evening will end with a special, top-secret screening. For all you know, it could be bunnies … or maybe midgets.
Just to show the Majestic some extra support, Thriving Ivory is also performing on Valentine’s Day (Saturday, February 14th @ 9pm – tickets are $10.41USD).

In other news: Thank you, thank you, thank you for your votes!
“We won! We won! And we didn’t even have to host the show! The people have chosen US!…and Kate Hudson for her amazing work in the Biggs/Cook starrer “My Best Friend’s Girl.” Not to mention “27 Dresses” their favorite comedy of the year. The choices for Best Drama? The Secret Life of Bees, 21 and Eagle Eye. The Secret Life of Bees won… but we all lose. I’m only kidding! For real! That whole thing was a joke! We are so proud to have won the award for Best (not user-generated) Web Sensation of 2008 or as I refer to it — The Most Specific Award in the history of mankind. We look forward to the competition for Best Web Series Starting with “Doctor” and ending with “Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.” Thank you all for voting for us. We are flattered. Oscar here we come… to view you… maybe… unless we’re working.
Sincerely (at least at times),

Doctors Horrible”

Some irritating, possibly saddening news for you all, the slated Dr. Horrible DVD may never make it into your hands. Amazon has been refunding pre-orders for the DVD, which was set for release on December 19th, and was declared as a delayed release when it failed to do so. Amazon recently put out a press release that deemed the DVD as being cancelled altogether. However, the Dr. Horrible team on the official website has posted news that this is not the case, and they are trying to determine what the complication is with the release of the DVD.
But there is an up-side! Sci-Fi Wire reports that in an interview, Joss Whedon has promised us more Dr. Horrible. He wasn’t specific about what form it would be in, but we can look forward to it in the future. ‘It is my intention that we will see more of young Billy and his horrible schemes, and I have a very specific idea of what that’s going to be, but until I’m sure how I can roll it out, I will say nothing except that I’m definitely pursuing that,”

If you have money to burn, you can bid for your chance to meet Felecia Day in a live, one-on-one video chat! Click
here for more information. Bid soon! They’re up to $760USD, with 9 days to go!


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