The Pear Affair (Happy 2009!!)

Aloha and Mahalo!
This last little while has been so full of so many awesome things, and so much stress at the same time. Work sucks. It’s been a long time coming… a very long time coming. I was gaining some respect at work from management, and it was making a few of the other employees jealous (simply from a seniority standpoint, but I’ve found that traditionally, capability highly overshadows seniority). I was encouraged by my current manager to persue the management position. So I did, I applied for it, and she told me that at the very least, I would be trained to eventually take assistant manager, if I wanted it. Work was difficult at the time because we were understaffed, and busy (so everyone was stretched a little thin) and time could not be found to train me. But I was patient, and I waited, and I continued to show my interest in the position. Then Heather was hired to take evening cook, and left McDonald’s. She was a supervisor, and she is very competitive. She told Angelina that she wouldn’t start for any less than $10.50 an hour, and was insistant that she earn her way up the ladder. I had more relevant work experience than she did for the position, but no mind– she began being trained in the work that I’d been promised, at a dollar more an hour than I make. I was insulted, but they were desperate for employees, and it was ultimately none of my business, so I said nothing, hoping that Heather would simply make supervisor, and I would still work my way to what I was offered.
Well, Angelina decided to leave A&W at the end of this month, to go back to school, and the management position became available. I immediately applied for it, and was passed over for a woman who has never managed, anywhere, and has never worked for A&W. She can’t even open the till without help. She has, in the time she has worked there, turned the restaurant into a total gong show. Well, they also decided to end the Graveyard shift, starting next week, until summer. Suddenly we have three or four employees with no shift to work. Not that I’m not sensitive to these peoples’ situations, and their financial needs, I am. But it would be more beneficial to them to have a full time job. Instead of letting them go (if you hire people to work Graveyard, and then you no longer have a Graveyard shift for them to work, logically, you should let them go) Steve and Angelina cut everyone back to part time. So now, it isn’t 3 people who can’t make ends meet, it’s EVERYONE. I’m suddenly out $400 a month without any notice. I am fucking lucky that I bought my insulin 3 months in advance– if I hadn’t (which is how I normally purchase my insulin), I’d be royally fucked right now. So now, I’m having to supplement my paycheques with a 2nd job, which I must now find. If I find a better job, I plan to tell A&W where it can shove its job. While people have important things they need to pay for, my life depends on the cheques that I make. Not eating, or not taking my insulin for even a single day could cost me my life. That was not a consideration that was made on my behalf. I almost told them to take their job and eat it today. Apparently, according to Canada Labour Standards, they are legally required to draw up a legal document that notifies me that they need to cut my hours, with a viable reason for it, and REQUEST my consent. If I don’t give it, they can’t cut my hours. To my surprise, when you are hired full-time, it is a legally binding verbal agreement that you are guaranteed 40hrs a week for the duration of your employment. *sigh* Fucking A&W.
In other news NEW YEARS was excellent. I worked (sucktastic) and went to Port Place after work to buy some libations for myself (there is a booze cabinet at home that does not have anything I can drink inside it) and I ran into Sarah. I ended up hanging out with her for awhile at Ink Refill and we went back to the liquor store after she was off work, where she bought me more booze. We took a cab to her place and started the process of getting plastered, and then went back to my place. We had to call 3 cabs before one actually pulled off the road to go into the apartment complex. I am never taking a Swiftsure Cab ever again unless I absolutely have to. We drank a little more at the house and played computer games, before John and I decided he needed to eat and we went to the Casino for dinner (yes! It was open!). Afterward, he took me on a romantic walk along the seawall (which we haven’t done in months) and he took me up the spiral staircase at the waterfront, all the way to the top – across from the Port Theatre. It looks like the flagmast of a boat at the top of the staircase. We’d shared a romantic encounter or two up there in the middle of the night before. We looked out at the water, and I hugged him. At 11:58 he told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Then he pulled away, and opened a little box, and held it out in front of me. Inside it was a beautiful aquamarine solitaire ring set in white gold, and surrounded by pave diamonds. He asked me if I would join him, and pulled the ring out. I said yes (or rather, whimpered it and nodded a lot), and at midnight, he slid the ring onto my finger. We held each other and cried for about 10 good minutes. Everyone in their boats in the harbour was yelling "Happy New Year!" I sucked a lungfull of air, and yelled "I’m getting married!" I was congratulated by a chorus of dog-howling and cat-calls.
Pictures to come, I promise…



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  1. 🙂 I’m so happy for you! Many hugs! My new years was….well I worked until 4:15am, so not only was the casino open, but it was open 2 extra hours. But overtime is a goood thing I suppose. 😛 Plus it was fun, we had showgirls and some guy who I’m assuming was a Billy Joel cover person. Better make good on those pictures missy 😛 *HUGS* Tell John he’s a lucky man :).

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