The Boyes’ First Christmas

Okay, okay, so technically it wasn’t the "Boyes’" first Christmas. That comes next year. I still choose to count it.

John and I were picked up by Jack, his Father, on Christmas eve. The roads were pretty slick, so we took it slowly. We got to Black Creek around 9pm, and we spent some time with Jan (John’s Mom, who you will often see referred to affectionately as "Gubby") and Sterling (his Nephew). When we’d arrived, Deanne had just picked up Gillian and was having trouble getting out of the driveway, due to snow. They have a long driveway. I was glad to be crammed into the back seat, huddled up in my big winter coat so that she could not see me. I was even more thankful for the fact that she wasn’t in the house when we got there. I did have to get used to the idea of her possibly being at Boxing Day dinner.

John and I slept in the 5th wheel (which I actually loved), which was heated and very comfortable. Honestly, if it weren’t for all of my belongings, and the fact that we have a house, I could live in a 5th wheel. I find most small spaces (I find them comfortable), and only feel claustrophobic when my mobility is highly effected. The next day we got up and had breakfast with everyone in the dining nook (next to the kitchen) and then opened presents. Gifts this year were a source of extreme guilt for me. Things have been tight financially and I could only afford to get something for John (I got him a black LG Rumor for Virgin Mobile, which has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and also a Jamba Bluetooth Earpiece).

I got:
-Nivea Skincare Set from Jack & Jan
-Vanilla Sugar Cane Lip Balm & Handcream set that came with a plush Monkey, from Chris.
-Pink handmade knit scarf from Sarah (John’s Sister)
-Sushi dish set (wasabi/soy sauce bowls, sushi plates, chop sticks) from Big Ian
-Pair of pink camo sneakers from Sara (who is not Sarah)
-Yin-Yang tealite holder that separates into Yin and Yang, from Jeanelle
-Box of chocolates from Lonn’s family (Lonn is Sarah’s significant other)
-Something awesome from my little sister, Tori, that I cannot disclose
-Dinner at Gina’s Mexican Cafe from Little Ian (including 2 cocktails)
-A beautiful, black Bolero Jacket and bright pink housecoat from John ❤

We went to Sara and Lonn’s (on Quadra Island– they gave him a beautiful bass electric guitar and an amp with built-in distortion pedal) and took them to Lonn’s parents house for dinner. Their whole family was there. It was awesome. The food was potluck and totally incredible. I felt a little out of place, but I’ll get used to them. We went back to Black Creek and then John and I picked up Gillian from Courtenay. I don’t know what’s going on. I shouldn’t worry myself about it. I obviously make Deanne feel badly– about what I couldn’t say. But when she realized that I was out in the car, waiting, she started closing all of her blinds so that I couldn’t see into the house. Once they were all standing out on the front steps, I could hear Deanne hassling John for more money, inquiring about how he can afford to propose to me if he has no money– not that it’s any of her goddamn business where the money he does have goes. Besides, of all the extra things he could have put money into, her pointing out my engagement ring was such a sadly obvious stab. Besides the point– I don’t have one.

We had a nice evening back in Black Creek and went to bed. We slept in the next day before getting up. We spent the morning opening presents with Gillian and playing with her in the dancing room. I hopped onto the piano and came up with a really great chord progression– I love it. John was playing with the remote control "fan" copter that he got from Big Ian. Gillie got a Disney princesses scooter from her Daddy, and a pretty horse-drawn carriage from Gubby and Papa. She kept putting her Ariel doll in it. It was very sparkly and very pink.

John and I took ViaRail back to Nanaimo the next day. I had a really great time. John’s parents were a lot more welcoming than certain parents of a former ‘partner’ of mine. I felt accepted and at home there. Everyone is very happy that John and I are getting married. She’s started sending me website addresses for Wedding Dresses. We have a few ideas. John went back to Victoria the next day, after I got home from work. Work was stupid. I was supposed to work from Sunday to Friday, and have Saturday/Sunday off. Angelina fucked my schedule and I ended up working Sunday and having Monday/Tuesday off. Fucking retarded. I was right pissed about it. I’ve been telling everyone I had next weekend off, and now I’m working. It might have messed up a few things.

Today was my Mom’s 47th Birthday. Tori, Little Ian and I took her to Gina’s Mexican Cafe for dinner. Unfortunately, on the way to pick everyone up, Chris accidentally skidded on some black ice and bent his front axle. Car #3 is fucked. We ended up taking a cab. We had a great time, regardless, and filled up on the Mexican food. Three other parties at the restaurant were also celebrating Birthdays, so everyone was loud and wishing each-other a Happy Birthday, toasting one another (once, it was a restaurant-wide toast, every single patron raised a glass) and praising Capricorns. Ian paid for the whole dinner, which was an unexpected, but fully appreciated Christmas surprise. After dinner we walked down to Open Mic and stayed until 11. My only regret is that John wasn’t present. I think it would have been a unanimous encouragement for us to walk to Gina’s. There was time, and it’s actually quite close.




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2 Responses to “The Boyes’ First Christmas”

  1. Actually, it was Lonns brothers place, not his Dads. I’m not sure if Deanne realized you were in the car, but she always closes the blinds in the evening unless she’s expecting someone and watching for their car. Since I started working for the government my paychecques have been more frequent, but smaller. She was expecting $250 from every paycheque, which means I’m actually paying more. The downside is this last cheque was only $926. $700 had to come out immediately for Mortgage, $78 for January bus pass, and some for bus tickets up and down the island between Nanaimo and Victoria ($30 each way). That uses almost the entire $926 right there, and I haven’t even caculated in my daily habit of eating yet. It seems as though there might be happening between her and Bella’s father. Bella is one of Gillians friends. If there is, then I wish her lots of happiness, as she is a good person, she’s just feeling the pinch of a small paycheque too, and I don’t think she realizes just how broke I actually am. Chris really likes Civics. This is his third in a row. But I wonder if he should try getting something else instead, because I think Civics are jinxed for him. They keep getting crunched. His grey one was hit on the side when someone pulled out from their driveway, his red one was rear-ended when he and another car were stopped at a crosswalk with the blinking crossing lights (the truck behind him didn’t stop) and since his blue one has summer tires and he was going down a hill when trying to make the turn on a sheet of ice, he had physics working against him.

  2. Ahh, okay. I stand corrected about Lonn’s family dinner. So many new things to obsorb, I was bound to lose one of them. 😛 I’m glad that the blinds thing is a habit for Deanne. I worried it was because of me. I don’t like making people feel poorly about themselves, and I also don’t like it when people unjustly think poorly of me.When it comes to Deanne, until I actually know her, and we are all informed equally (because I don’t have that to work from and base my reactions against) my opinion is fairly superfluous. I’ve told you this already, but just to reiterate. If I say something, I realize that my opinion is really no opinion at all without relevant information I’m missing. My irritation was simply bred from what I know of you: You’re not a liar. If you had come to me and said you couldn’t even afford to eat, I would believe you. It just seemed that she should know by now that "hounding you" is not necessary, nor has it really ever been. You’ve given her everything she’s asked you for that you could provide. Poor Chris.
    😦 He has bad car juju. I just want to hug him. 😦

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