All, All, All Of My Light Is For You, And Home, Home Is Anywhere You Are, Too…

Long day. It has been a long, long day. I’m starting to fade.
I got up at 6am this morning, waiting for the phone call from Carolynne that never came. She was supposed to call me to tell me to come in early and help her open the store. It never happened. I waited a little while, and then placed about 5 phone calls to the restaurant by 7am. At 7, I debated whether or not to go down there, if nobody was answering the phone (because it would mean nobody was there). I decided that if Carolynne showed up at 7:30, as scheduled, and I didn’t, I’d get into trouble, so I got ready, piled on the snow gear, and headed down. When I got there, the restaurant was still dark, still armed and completely unoccupied. So I went into Co-Op and had a coffee, and waited until 8am, chatting with Tracy. When 8 rolled around and nobody had shown up, I left a note for Carolynne, Steve and Marshall, letting them know I’d come in and nobody else had shown up.
Well, despite going home, I couldn’t just go back to sleep. Once I was up, I was up and that was that. I called the restaurant every hour after 8am and there was no answer.  I was just starting to feel sleepy again, when I decided to place one last call before calling it quits and grabbing a bite of breakfast before going back to bed. Just my luck, Steve answers the phone in full-blown panic, asking me to come in. I could hear the alarm going off in the background. He asked me where the alarm pad is. o.O" So I reluctantly got my snow gear back on, and trudged back down the hill (I was walking in the street because the sidewalks weren’t maintained, but I decided to hop onto a cleared patch, and within 5 feet, slipped in a snowdrift the size of a buick about halfway down the hill and nearly killed myself. I landed on my back). I got to work in one piece, and had to help Steve open the store in 10 minutes. We were helping customers in 5. I was the only actual non-management employee who showed up. Carolynne showed up an hour later. She got to sleep in until 10. Goddamn it.
She told me later that after being called in, she took a long, hot shower and did her hair before she decided to leave the house. Granted, she was waiting for her car to be dug out of a snow dune, but that’s absurd. I was appalled she was not at the very least heavily reprimanded for the whole thing. I have a feeling she might be after Angelina is back from her Christmas Vacation. All I know, is that in comparison to how I am as an employee and manager, this whole thing with Carolynne is absolute bull shite.
I stayed at work until 4:15 before someone told me I was being paid for my entire shift from 7:30am forward, since I showed up on time, regardless of the store being closed. I had shoveled the sidewalks and the drive thru, so I was fucking exhausted. I stayed at Port Place to hang with Sarah for a bit before going to Mom’s to pack a box. It was insanely difficult to get even a single box from Moms to my place. *groan* I need help so terribly, I cannot even tell you. But Mom is giving me a reprieve, since I only got 8 days of actual notice from Ian. I then went from there to Open Mic, and I’ve just gotten home with enough time to type this. I forgot to bring my song books to open mic, so I had to improvise and sing acappella, which I found rather ironic, as my last performance of the year.
Now shove off, you lot I love, and get some sleep. Hugs and loves and all of that pleasant junk, mmkay?

Glædelig Jul! Froehliche Weihnachten! Natale hilare et Annum Faustum!


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 12/22/2008.

One Response to “All, All, All Of My Light Is For You, And Home, Home Is Anywhere You Are, Too…”

  1. That’s ridiculous that management would do something like that (not that it’s not unusual for some management to be like that). You poor girl! *hugs and a great big pot of caffinated beverage of joy (otherwise known as coffee :P)*

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