You Take Me Down, Further Inside Of Me, Now I’m Fading Out, I Can Barely See, I Hover

Long day. It has been a long, long day. I had planned, since I got up this morning, to go straight home, grab the keys to my Dad’s truck, go to Mom’s and start loading it up. However, Mother Nature saw fit to interfere with those plans, and I ended up getting to Mom’s, clearing off the truck, and then immediately going to dinner with her at the Fox & Hounds (her treat), which is a really nice, British Cuisine restaurant. I know, you’re thinking "British Cuisine?" We know that most of the time, British food is just regular food, deep-fried, hard-boiled and served under a healthy smothering of gravy. I had the Butter Prawns and Salad. It was pretty fantastic. They also had a Scottish sugar-free pop that I can’t recall the name of, but it was positively delicious. It tasted like orange sherbet and cantaloupe juice, mixed with a dash of beer. She also banned me from attempting to do any moving today, due to the snowfall.
We then went back to her place, and watched Christmas With The Kranks and immediately fell asleep on the couch with the electric heat-pad on full. I splurged a little today and got myself a touque and mittens, but they’re pink, and Canucks brand. They’re so cute! I’m not a fan of the hockey, but I do love being Canadian, so I figured it was a patriotic statement.
*sigh* This is the ultimate revenge. As I type, Chris and Jeanelle are making physically amorous noises in their room down the hall. Damn them for doing it when I’m home alone!!! *lol* It’s about damn time.
Anyway, I woke up some time after 10, and snuck out the door so as not to stir my sleeping parent. And here I be! Nothing fantastically interesting, other than work– but I’m making an attempt to leave useless work drama where it belongs: at work.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 12/17/2008.

2 Responses to “You Take Me Down, Further Inside Of Me, Now I’m Fading Out, I Can Barely See, I Hover”

  1. OMG, They’re making noises that isn’t Chris giggling? That’s so out of character for him!We’ll just have to get them back tonight, so don’t hold back!

  2. Well, it was more like "noise" as opposed to "noises." I love you!

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