Twilight Review *SPOILERS!!!*

I just saw Twilight. As someone, who, for a change, has actually read the book before seeing the film, I can see where the letdown lies. A friend told me that she thought the whole story was misogynistic. I disagree. I see where the gets that idea, because Bella is portrayed (in the book) as being this fragile, breakable, incapable being. However, it isn’t a generalization. Stephanie Meyer didn’t mean that to be limited to just Bella, but since the story is told from her perspective, we learn how vampires view humans through her. I would fully expect any other human to be just as breakable, and it isn’t unreasonable to say that a person could be particularly clumsy. When you put a very clumsy person next to the antihero as a love interest, when the antihero is strong, fast and entirely graceful, you have one hell of an interesting dynamic. Misogynistic? I think not.
mi·sog·y·ny : a hatred of women

             Pronunciation: mə-ˈsä-jə-nē
             Function: noun

             Etymology: Greek misogynia, from misein to hate + gynē woman

             Date: circa 1656

             — miso·gy·nic   ˌmi-sə-ˈji-nik, –ˈgī- adjective
             — mi·sog·y·nist  mə-ˈsä-jə-nist noun or adjective
             — mi·sog·y·nis·tic  mə-ˌsä-jə-ˈnis-tik adjective
I am very accepting of things getting left out of films for the sake of time, and often a lot of what goes on in books can’t be portrayed visually, because they’re thoughts, or descriptions of things. I even liked some of the changes they made. In the book, Edward’s house is pretty much a castle. In the film, it’s a very modern house that has lots and lots of windows. It was nice to see a side of Edward Cullen that was more free, and less predictable than what you’d imagine a vampire would be like. I was a little taken out of the characters, only because he didn’t speak as fluidly as Stephanie Meyer described, and Bella seemed less wistful than I imagined her. The Jacob Black they cast in the film was older and more mature than what was described. The actor would have been perfect to play him in New Moon, when they film it. And also, I didn’t like the acting for Rosalee. She was very petulant, and I bought her as being 17, where she is supposed to be far older, pretending to be as young as she looks. She just seemed like a stubborn brat. I was also taken a little out of the story because of the events being so pushed together for time. My only other complaints are that no mention of how daydreamy Bella was over Edward was mentioned (at the end of the book, she makes presumptions that he may have decided to make her a vampire), until the very end of the movie, I wasn’t buying into the intensity of their relationship (they were much more in love with one another in the book, and Edwards internal conflict and self-hatred was far greater). The scene with James, in the ballet studio, was not as violent as it was written, and the car accident in the school parking lot was not as bad as it was written. All-in-all, even though I enjoyed the film for what it was, it felt watered down for a younger audience. That’s a shame.
I heard a rumor that Stephanie Meyer did not approve of the casting of Edward Cullen. The actor they chose is Robert Pattinson (you’ll remember him from Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory). It isn’t that Stephanie Meyer didn’t want him to play Edward. When she originally thought of the book being adapted to film, which was some time before it came to fruition, she had long imagined that Edward would be played by Henry Cavill (from The Tudors). However, once the book was chosen for adaptation, Henry Cavill was too old to believably play a boy of 17. Stephanie Meyer was sad to lose the ability to cast someone she had imagined to be the perfect Edward, but when they found Robert Pattinson, she released a statement saying that there was no one better to play him. Fans, however, were not pleased. There was a huge outcry from fans of the book series, that Robert could not play the part accurately because he was so recognized as Cedric Diggory. He’s an actor, people. He plays characters. I thought he tackled the role well.
         Henry Cavill                                      Robert Pattinson

I think they have very similar faces. I LOVE Robert Pattinson’s hair, much more. Although, I saw an interview with him, where he said that he simply doesn’t wash his hair, he just gets it wet every now and then. I can’t imagine that he smells very nice, lol. That, and Robert has more mysterious, sexy eyes. Henrys eyes are too open, and too crisp. There aren’t enough shadows to his face (but that may just be the lighting of the photo).

Nevertheless, if you haven’t read the book series, DO IT! It’s a must-read-now kind of book series. And if you haven’t seen the film, I still recommend it. It will be on my shopping list, absolutely. [3/4]


On another note, the new Britney Spears album, Circus, came out today. It’s awesome, it’s completely kicking my ass, I love it!!! Go out and get your hands on the 2-Disc, there are bonus songs and a DVD, it’s so worth the extra $5. The new Linkin Park album, Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes also came out yesterday. Worth the buy, especially following the Deluxe release of Minutes To Midnight.



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