My Message For ‘You’

Compounding days in which I lose focus
bled into one another with what I ache to say out loud
But your indignant stance and insistant war
that stands and bends to no-ones demand
and consumes all in a vacuum that devours all things.
I’m at the edge of my sanity; teetering
I feel that I am grandstanding–
screaming blue in the face
this indellible mark, with words I self-efface
and somehow they adopt impermanence and are erased
by the self-important tantrums that I just cannot face.
My life becomes an intricate ballet of things I leave unsaid
but not for lack of trying, for I’ve tried and tried again.
I’m in absolute awe of the fancy footwork of my many failed attempts
each failure pushes me closer to the precipice.
I’ve reached my pique, my absolute fill of anger
and I resent how much I now fail to simply even care.
So take a bow so that I may thank you for ruining some of this for me
My heart and soul your victim
and in wordless mouthfulls, I bleed.
Kassondra Staschuk ©2008



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 11/30/2008.

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