Wanna See Who You Are, Every Inch, Every Scar

Despite what I feel is good news, I was appalled at Canadian journalism today. Three of the five newspapers we had at work this morning bore the same headline… verbatim. I know it was a quote, but there comes a time when taking the unbeaten path becomes the choice one should make, especially when writing a huge piece like the first Black president in the United States.
I’ve read a lot of convoluted diatribes written by morons who’ve seen Zeitgeist and American History X one too many times, about how this is just a worthless attempt to distract the public with a sensationalist agent of the illuminati, who serves no real purpose but to be a cosmetic way of drawing attention away from the truth. It’s sad that people are too cynical to see what Barack Obama can provide for the US, and as a person who has a right to an opinion about it, I plan to share mine. Today I was proud of my American heritage. I’ve been deeply ashamed to admit that a great deal of my family is American, and that I’m only first generation in my family. Today people were proactive, and either they managed to subdue their tendency towards discrimination, or they reverse discriminated (but I choose to be optimistic) and chose to elect the square peg trying to squeeze into the round hole. That isn’t an easy task, but at least they didn’t elect the round peg for the square hole again (he’d fit right in and slide right out the other side).
And true, there are many opportunities in the future for Barack Obama’s career as President to be short– attempts have been made on his life before. That’s besides the point. I’m sure that Obama went into this knowing that it was likely his final station in life… but he’s changed history. This man is my personal Robert Palmer. And perhaps huge change isn’t in the cards for Obama, but I get the impression that this is a man with morals, and scruples, and rock-solid resolve to stick to both. At the very least, he has set a huge precidence that was long overdue. People were fully convinced that a black man would never run for president, much less win. It yielded some surprising results. Obama got popular with many people just because he is black. I’m not saying it’s right, but it wasn’t anticipated either. Regardless of the color of his skin, I feel he was entirely deserving of the Presidency. And if you can’t see it from a point of view that he was qualified, think of it from a lesser of three evils standpoint.
1) Hilary Clinton
Dropped out of the running several months ago after being caught in a truly ridiculous lie. She gave an interview about having visited Bosnia in 1996, when she was the First Lady, that she claimed was a harrowing experience of being greeted by sniper-fire, and having to run with her head down to get to a vehicle that would take her to safety, in order to appear to have foreign policy experience as a Presidential Candidate. If you can believe it, she was outed by Sinbad, who was also in Bosnia on the same trip. He had video that proved there was a greeting ceremony with many other celebrities to help boost morale, they listened to music, hung out with soldiers, performed on stage and ate a dinner before returning to Germany. There was nothing "harrowing" about the experience whatsoever, and she lied in an attempt to sensationalize herself.
2) John McCain
Forget his entire platform for a moment. He’s old! I know that’s a bad reason, but tradition has told me that old people have really old-fashioned, conservative ideals and ideas, and we need someone who is modern and forward-thinking. McCain was never going to be that man.
3) Barack Obama
Touting change and hope for a more prosperous future, Obama was the only remaining Presidential Candidate who was still running and didn’t have to use denture paste and suppositories. Apparently there really is something up McCain’s butt. Nevertheless… the lesser of the two remaining ‘evils’. While in a lot of instances it sounded like Obama was dancing around questions entirely by overcomplicating his answers, if you undress them a little and look at what he’s trying to say. He cares about the environment, but this is also a new trend, despite it’s alarmingly fast-developing relevance. He wants to spend the first part of his presidency concentrating on upgrading the Education system, providing students Nationwide with fundamental learning tools and curriculum that they really should be learning. He also wants to completely overhaul the medical care system, perhaps deprivatize some of the services, or at least upgrade them to make them worth having to pay through the nose for. These are good things.  He wants American taxpayers to stop paying for George Bush’s warmongering and pull troops out of Iraq, a country they have no ‘jurisdiction’ to be in, in the first place. He is also PRO CHOICE! This man pretty much already gets my vote for that. PRO CHOICE does NOT mean anti-life. Pro Choice means that if the situation is truly bad, and the service is truly needed by someone who has no other options, they have that choice to make for themselves, whether they choose to abort, or they choose not to. By being pro choice, Obama is refusing to call abortion ‘murder.’ He wins. He does support civil unions, he doesn’t support gay marriage. I do have issues with this, Gay Marriage doesn’t bother me in the least, but it is a hot-button topic. A lot of people see marriage as a religious institution, and homosexuality is verboten in Christianity and Catholicism. But then, millions of non-religious, heterosexual couples marry annually, and it’s ridiculous to discriminate against gays for making a mockery of religious marriage, and not discriminate against athiests. He is very much for the protection of Social Security, and keeping medicaid solvent. He is trying to amend bankruptcy laws that would allow financially destitute companies from taking action that would rob retirees of their pension payments. He also wants to eliminate taxation of senior citizens who make less than $50,000 annually. In terms of healthcare, he wants to ‘Canadianize’ their healthcare system by charging a fee to all employers who do not offer a medical insurance plan to their employees in order to pay for the medical insurance that would be provided to the currently uninsured, and find ways to cut medical costs for the middle and lower class by offering effective off-brand medications (generic), organizing co-payment programs, and reasonable medical deductibles. Health Insurance for children will be required by law. He is also trying to organize a national Disease Prevention program that would offer long-term help to those with chronic medical conditions/diseases. HE IS A SUPPORTER OF STEM CELL RESEARCH, WHICH COULD FIND CURES FOR A HUGE NUMBER OF GENETIC DISEASES, LIKE CANCER AND DIABETES!
I’m sorry, people. Obama totally wins. And if you thought Sarah Palin was a Presidential Candidate, please light your stupid ass aflame.
In other news, I had an amazingly shitty day. Heather did a reinactment today of my breakup last year. She made a big mistake (one she is and isn’t sorry for, for different reasons) that caused her boyfriend to break up with her. I saw this coming for weeks. He is an unattentive, unsupportive dickface. I tried to tell her it wasn’t worth hanging onto, that it was better to let it go when it was just hard. She insisted on waiting for the universe to bring on the pain. She spent the whole day dodging his phone calls, and getting awful texts that would make her cry hysterically. She was bawling the whole day. I was trying to be supportive. All I could do was hold her and be there to listen. I got so stressed out from projecting my feelings on the situation that I had a panic attack and almost passed out. Later, when I was trying to console her (after taking 10 extra units of insulin from the stress of it all), all she could say was "I didn’t know it would hurt this much." I did. I knew. It sucks.
I went on the lam for several hours after work and recorded a song. It’s a cover, but it’s finished. Whee! Swimming at Wakesiah with Mom tomorrow…

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