I Don’t Think You Should Wait, One Minute Might Be Too Late

Hello everyone…
Not much new going on in terms of personal life developments. John did manage to procure himself that position with the government, so he’s currently working in Victoria. It couldn’t all be simple and easy, and I saw at least that coming. He lives a block and a half from my house, so that has made seeing one another very easy. I work only about a 6 minute walk from either house. He drives (a Honda CBR sport bike, and a Pontiac Fiero), so his getting around has been easy, not that I ever expect him to drive me anyplace. We’ve enjoyed walking places together often. That and we’re absolutely nuts about one another, so it’s been a really easy time for us both. There had to be conflict sometime. Fortunately, it isn’t between the two of us, and there’s no telling how long it will last. His position is seasonal, however, we’re both hoping that if he does well enough, he may be able to secure a permanent, full time position with the government, even if in another place (he’s currently head IT for the Attorney General’s Office). ((I love you!! Come home soon, and drive safe. Miss you.))
In terms of myself and long-term plans, I’ve given futher, serious consideration to becoming a writer. I may not be of a secondary education, due to personal and financial issues, however, I have been an English Major for most of my life, and one hell of a writer as well. I’ve been at the top of my class in English for as long as I can remember, and I have previous experience as a columnist. Even if all I do is become a writer for an online publication, they make decent money, and do so on deadlines that they can work around in their personal lives. In terms of my health, that’s an ideal position for me to be in. There is also the more expensive, but very practical idea of opening my own Diabetic Specialty Store. I have a lot of support on that idea, and many people have voiced their interest in either being involved (helping build and stock and advertise, or simply working there for me), or investing in my business, should I decide to go through with it. Thus far, I think it would be unwise of me to do such a thing without a business partner to cosign things with, because of my health problems, there will always be a co-owner there to take care of things when I simply cannot get out of the hospital. I’m very aware that will be a recurrent problem for me in my life.
However, to start with it would be like any other convenience store, only with products tailored to diabetics. My ultimate goal, pending that it is a big success, is to have a two-storey building with a clinic on the second floor with a diabetic-specific physician and an endocrinologist, as well as a nutritionist and a dietician. It would have a pharmacy downstairs, with pharm-techs that specialize (but are not limited to) Diabetes. The rest of the store would be grocery, convenience, and a small apparel section (for diabetic-specific items, like socks, etc). The whole idea is that Diabetics have to consider everything they buy and eat all the time, everywhere they go. The point is to take some of the guess-work out of shopping for diabetics. There would be a section for pre-arranged meals with full nutritional information, diabetic recipes available near certain grocery items… etc. The only other things I may want to add to my grand-plan is a weekly support group for diabetics (newly diagnosed, dying, or lost limbs), or for grieving family members who have lost loved ones to complications from diabetes. Also, possibly a Social Worker, to help sort out paperwork for recently hospitalized patients, or for those who have had to seek or go on disibility. I’ve spoken to acquaintances about this, both diabetic and non-diabetic, who all have overwhelmingly voiced their support for this idea, so I’m really excited to run with it. This could really make a big difference. I would likely be writing to the government (provincial and federal) and to the Canadian Diabetic Association, and see what kind of sponsorship I could get ahold of. If I had enough success with it, I would love to do annual (or seasonal, even) fundraisers to donate a percentage of income to finding a cure, or better treatments for Diabetes. Regardless, that donation can be written off.
The idea came to me when I was living in Vancouver. There is far more support there for Diabetics, but it’s spread out all over the city. In order to get what would be available to you in my business, you would have to travel all over the lower mainland, and still have to do most of the guess work. This would be all of those places consolidated under one roof. It would save time, and make the management of diabetes a lot simpler for patients who are trying to cope. Initially, the point was to have a place for diabetics to go, where for a change, they could walk in, buy almost anything and not make a mistake.
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  1. You’ve told me about this idea before, and I think it’s an excellent idea. 🙂

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