With All Their Beady Little Eyes & Flapping Heads So Full Of Lies, Blame Canada!

First and foremost, I must leave a few words in honor of my late and beloved Velcro. On the heels of the loss of our other beloved, Annastacia, I have lost my own animal counterpart. She was my best friend for many years, my pillow, my compadre, my sister, my everything. I will miss the distracting purr of her little head and her affectionate stretching and mewling. Velcro, you have been and will be missed greatly.
 I must also admit to my shame as a member of the most-hated 42% of Canadians who did not vote. This, however, was not in my hands. On voting day, I showed up at the polls with the necessary information. In fact, just in case, I showed up with more than the required information. I brought my Driver’s License, SIN Card, Care Card, Birth Certificate and two pieces of mail. I was more than determined to cast my Anti-Conservative vote. However, some stupid woman at the polls told me that I couldn’t vote. She told me that I was not registered, despite the shiny voter’s card they’d sent me in the mail. They denied my boyfriend his voting rights for the same reason. Well, after our votes were denied, discounted and then made ultimately useless by the Conservative Party’s landslide win (what were you thinking, Canada?!?!?!), we contacted a number of people, and were later told that we shouldn’t have been denied our rights to vote as Canadians. Thank you, ignorant wench at voting station, for stripping me of my rights as a law-abiding, taxpaying citizen. Land of the fucking free my ass. This led me to wonder how many other people were unable to vote for the same reason. There was at least one other woman at our voting station who was also denied the right to vote. Three people per station is a bad voting day. That’s an alarming number of people to be duped out of voting. And what about the recently deceased, or those who were out of the country on the advanced polling days and on the 14th? What about those in the hospital? Something invariably fishy is going on with that, and I don’t like it. Today I’m not pleased with my government.
So much going on right now, it’s nuts. John and I went out to Comox and Quadra Island a few days ago to visit his parents and his Sister’s family. They’re good people. His Dad built a beautiful house out on Macaulay. They’re ripping out part of a temporary area of the foyer to put in a massive fireplace. Their family room is huge, and if armageddon came down on us, they have so much in their basement, you could archive human history and live out the rest of your life. It’s nuts. I also had the pleasure of meeting the first woman he was ever in love with, Jackie. It’s uncanny how much we have in common, despite how very different we are. It shouldn’t really surprise me, though. I’ve learned that there are just similar qualities that monogamists tend to look for in their mates that are invariably common, even if they’re small things.
In the meantime, John is thisclose to a position at the Attorney General’s office in Victoria for a few months– just long enough to get a foot in the right door, doing IT work. But he’ll be living in Victoria during the week and coming back to Nanaimo on weekends for the two months he’s doing that, and then from there, depending on what he gets, he’s exploring his options. He’s made it very clear to me, though, that ultimately, I am more important than a two month job. I think that’s really awesome, but at the same time I don’t want him to think that I’m not supportive of his work, because it is very important to have some solid work. I’m fairly self-supported, it’s his interests I have in mind.
Also, Mom took a nasty spill on the train tracks riding her bike to work this morning. She rode it on the slippery road when it was raining and lost grip when she went over the tracks. She slipped and flew right on her bike and landed on the side of her face. She has a deep bruise from the top of the frontal bone down to just above the ramus, that extends from her glabella to her sphenoid bone. She ended up with a nasty concussion. She’s sleeping right now. We kept her awake for 12 hours before we let her go to sleep. Poor thing.

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