I Wanna Live Like Music, Pouring Out The Windows

Another great day. Who knew? Nanaimo is particularly gorgeous lately, although I’ve heard that we’re due for some crappy weather starting tomorrow. I find the timing deliciously convenient. I’ve finally gone home, clean the room and wash the laundry– all that domestic stuff that grown-ups do. I haven’t forgotten where I live, despite how it may seem that way. I’ve had an interesting and delightful few days back in the world before returning to work. Unfortunately, it did mean spending one night away from John (oh, I am sure I’ll survive, though) because Deanne took Gillian somewhere the day that he was supposed to pick her up, so nobody was home when he’d driven the hour and a half to the Comox Valley. He went to his parents’ place out at Black Creek and stayed the night. They ended up going to Victoria the next day and had some fun with one of John’s friends, Todd. So John kept Gillian until tonight, and he’s driving her back to her Mom’s right now. However, we did spend the day domesticating (breakfast and Treehouse) and then went for a positively delightful, long walk down to the seawall. We took Gilly to the playground, and John took her all over the playground "obstacle course". He pushed both her and I on the swings for a little bit (she screamed in utter joy and demanded, "Higher! Faster!"), and swung her around on a turning chair. My personally favorite part was when he pushed her on the metal pulley (I think that’s what you’d call it). He was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to hold her own bodyweight, but she did, many times. I was quite impressed. She’d take one good running start and let out this terrific, squealy grunt as she pulled herself off her feet. But my favorite part was when John started going on the pulleys. He is very monkey-like when he’s being silly. I find his ability to suspend his seriousness for periods of pure fun totally sexy. He is a terrific Father. It makes me feel great when lone mothers make moon-eyes at him. I just think to myself: ‘Yeah, he’s with me.
Yesterday I went to Open Mic. It’s really great that I’m not asked to give up things I love to do, like that. John is completely willing to, and actually desires to go with me. He only has reservations about going to Open Mic night when he has Gillian, because it runs so late. But he was driving a friend out to Port Alberni anyhow, so I spent Open Mic with Michelle, indulging in 5 coffees and a ham and provolone panini for dinner. The Vault makes amazing sandwiches. She was eating this salty cheese-soup thing. It was good, but too salty. I’ve never really been into their soups. But their sandwiches are worth the $6-$8. After not having sung a mere note in over a week, I was told quite unanimously that I did an awesome set. I perform with either Guy or RJ on the guitar. RJ is strangely timid about tackling chords unless he’s heard them. I have to tap out a verse of timing for him with my hands, and then he blurts a disclaimer into the mic that he’s improvising. He does this every open mic night. It doesn’t matter, really. He could turn Mary Had A Little Lamb into an Yngwie Malmstein song. I did ‘Sway’ by The Perishers, ‘Your 21’ by Alexz Johnson and ‘Shadow Of The Day’ by Linkin Park. People really like the last one. I’d love to do ‘Heartbreaker’ by Pink, but I’m a little intimidated.
Anyhow, I must depart. Movie night is under way. There are tortilla chips coming with my name on them.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 09/30/2008.

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