Conversations With A Ouija Board + Buffy Tarot

First question for the spirits: When will we see more Firefly?
Dark Horse Comics announced in May of this year that the publisher will be producing a set of tarot cards and ouija board based on the Buffy property. It’s set to release this September with a price between $15 to $30.
From the official press release:
Named for an award-winning episode from Season Seven of the BVS television series—and written by Buffy Season Eight: Wolves at the Gate author Drew Goddard—the Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Conversations with Dead People” Board is a great game for fans, in this world and the next, to communicate with each other about life, death, and other mysteries. In the tradition of the Sunnydale Hellmouth, through which countless entities gained entry, fearless souls can let voices from the other side guide the planchette along the board to spell out the answers to their queries. Folks can channel their inner Willow and hone their witchy skills, providing hours of fun for the whole séance! Accompanying the game board and planchette, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Conversations with Dead People” Board includes an exclusive, comic-style instruction book featuring sequential art by Buffy SeasonEight guest illustrator Paul Lee!
ComicBookResources ran an interview a while back with the tarot set designer, Rachel Pollack, and Buffy comic series cover artist Paul Lee, who provided art for the cards. The interview also features a bit more of the art from the cards, so be sure to check it out.
Over at
Occasional Superheroine, Valerie D’Orazio also has a few additional pieces of art from the tarot set, and offers up some thoughts about the amount of flesh on display by the Buffy crew throughout the deck. She also offers her services as a tarot reader — so keep that in mind.

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