Wake Me Up When September Ends

There are some days, when you wake, and despite the day that came before it, you know that there can be no good that will come of the day you are about to have. Fortunately, I was ignorant of this until I turned on my television this morning. I don’t usually rise early enough to catch the morning news, however, this morning I indulged in an old tradition (sans my Dad- who was formerly my news-watching buddy). And that’s when they had to show it– the gratuitous, epic footage that was 9/11. For me, it’s a goodbye letter that haunts and will not let up. It becomes an indellible reminder of the closure with a dear friend that I never had. I don’t care about who is responsible. That’s so much bigger than me. It’s bigger than Chad, who was a beautiful young woman, only just the age that I am now, who had just started over after the worst year of her life, only to die in one of the greatest disasters in history. She was simple. She just wanted to be happy.
I’ve noticed since that day, that 9/11’s ever since have been traditionally upsetting. Bad things happen, and I’m sure it has all been influenced by the bad mood I decide to start that particular day in. There is an inner *grumble* that settles into my chest. The tradition carries on. However, I did get a job offer today that I actually plan to take. Of course, I have to go through some intense physical training and a series of medical tests, but I was offered a position as a Corrections Officer. 16 hours a week to start at $19.50 an hour– full medical and dental. If I stay with it for a few years, I can come out of it with a $2500/mo pension. I’m excited about that.
Something else came to my attention today– actually just a short while ago. Someone predicted something about me that has me startled, uneasy, and questioning my feelings about myself. I’m not sure how to take the criticism. So let’s ignore it.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 09/11/2008.

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