Here We Go Again: Back To Where We’ve Never Been

So, admittedly, since I’ve gotten my computer back, I’ve been completely distracted by this Canadian hidden gem that was waiting for me on my hard drive, thanks to Kenn. It’s a TV series called Instant Star. It’s a show that began airing shortly before I moved to Vancouver, almost 5 years ago. It stars a girl named Alexz Johnson, who lives just a short jump away from my hometown in New Westminster. She plays Jude Harrison, a budding rocker who is the first winner of a new talent contest called ‘Instant Star’, which is televised and much in the same vein as Canadian Idol. She is then quickly signed to G Major Records, Canada’s premiere record label, based in Toronto, headed up by Darius (played by Canadian rap legend, Wes Williams). The show, while it does have its cheesy, addictive storylines, also manages to offer the most realistic portrayal of life as a rockstar under the contractual thumb of the beaurocratic record label machine. Not to mention that I’m heavily addicted to the dramatic aspect. They pull the formulaic love story that made the first three seasons of Buffy so compelling: destined but doomed. I honestly think that it was the most valuable Canadian-produced television series aired in recent history. It managed to launch the careers of some of the greatest Canadian talent I’ve seen yet, created a massive buzz for Canadian in the US, and brought major attention to our music industry. Alexz Johnson is a genius. On the heels of the end of Instant Star (yes, I am so sad, it was cancelled at the end of the last season, this summer), she will be releasing her debut album, which is a little jazzier than Jude Harrison is. I think Alexz will have a huge, huge following.
I’ve been performing a lot of Alexz Johnson at open mic nights, because it’s all simply stuck in my head. The song on my blog space is Alexz as well. Hop onto YouTube and take a listen to "Shooting Star" by Zoie Palmer. I’ve been obsessed with it.
I’ve been buying the Instant Star albums since they started coming out, because I’d seen one episode of the show before it was cancelled, and had found a major fondness for it and I have faith as a supporter of Canadian music. There are four Instant Star albums out, and I completely recommend getting them if you aren’t afraid of listening to mainstream rock. It may not necessarily be edgy, but it does have an evocative, moving message. Some of the greatest Canadian producers have put their mark on the music: Alexz Johnson, Damnhait Doyle, Luke McMaster, Wes Williams, Brandon Johnson, Tyler Kyte, Cassie Steele, Cory Lee, Kyle Riabko, Rob Wells and Chris Ward… among others. The best two places to find the Instant Star soundtracks are at Wal-Mart and Zellers. If anyone finds the Instant Star series box sets, let me know, because I can’t find them anywhere and I want them. If you hop onto the CTV website, you can stream the episodes realtime. Take a listen to "Superstar World" by Paegan. That song was supposed to sound like crap, but I love it. 😛
In other news, I’ve been haunted by old ghosts lately, and I’m out to lay down a line of salt. I wish there were ways to just remove bits from my memory.

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