Faith, Hope & Trick

Hello all!
So I finally did it. I got the ultimate snip-snip. I got a hair cut! I know, such things seem so minor, but I was greatly amused by the whole thing. The last time I got a trim, I wanted to cut it shorter, however, I was coerced out of my decision and lost my resolve as a result of being talked down my my hairdresser. Hairdressers love my hair, no matter how much I seem to damage it. Anyhow, I took a shower in the morning before work and my hair was wet and heavy and stringy. I saw myself in the mirror and hated it. It was time to cut. my hair. OFF.
So I went to the salon, and I knew immediately who I wanted to cut my hair. She was tall and had really short, blond hair. She had a really modern hairdo that she could spike into a fauxhawk. I love it when hairdressers have great hair. It’s awesome advertising, and I knew instinctively by hers that she was going to understand what I wanted. However, when I told her where I wanted the longest layer to end, she kept telling me that’s where I wanted the shortest layer to end. So I argued with her again that it’s where I wanted the longest one. She was cutting and it was still longer than I wanted, so I said to cut off another inch or two. She got this really pained look on her face and said to me:"This hurts me more than it hurts you." (Haha!)
I was surprised. This is the shortest I’ve had my hair cut in forever, probably the shortest in about 10 years (if not longer) and I completely love it. I feel so awesome under this hairdo. 😛
In other news, Sabina drove into the front door of The Dub with her Footprints Security Van this morning. She hit the gas instead of the brake, and the whole glass wall is caved in at the door. The door is jammed shut (obviously). The strangest part is that the glass is bent (bent!!) but not broken. It’s not plexiglass, but we’re thinking that it may be extraterrestrial (o.O").
ALSO, I’m so, so, soooo excited. My podcast has officially been granted a published, searchable feed location at the iTunes Store. So now, when you download iTunes and surf the iTunes store/podcast directory, if you type "espresso pump" into the search field, you will find my show! Awesome? I think so! I’m working towards relaunching it with new episodes at the moment, so if you have any material to contribute that is relevant to Buffy (my upcoming episode is strictly about the Buffy Movie), please email it to me. You can record any comments to an audio file (mp3 please) and host it on a filesharing site, so that I can download it and put it into my show. Same goes for podcast promos if you have any, or if you have any music you want played on my podcast, I can take that too.
In the meantime, check out my podcast site, and my podcast’s live spaces. Thank you, thank you!

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