I’m Choosing The Path Between The Stars

We over-complicate things, us adults. Fortunately, we are all immature in our own ways, retaining youth at heart in our own, various aspects. One of mine, which I value dearly, is my ability to recognize how simple things are. So often we tell ourselves that the gray areas are black and white, then believe entirely that the black and white areas are shades of gray. My, how we lose focus in our advancing years. This isn’t to say that I am immune to this habit. I have been guilty of such things.  Stop attaching conditions and limitations to everything. They’re bullshit, deterrent reasons why you can’t or won’t do something. Have the guts to admit that the real reason you put strings on everything is because inaction is what you want. You have choice, you just don’t want to admit that you’ve made yours. Get out of your own way, be honest and clear the road block, already!

I, too, have emotional storms that have crests and swells in their seas with the same tumult as roller-coasters do. When one comes, it is an intense squall, but it is brief. The clouds part, the water calms and the sun comes out to greet another day. No mood is permanent, no matter how intemperate.

For someone that I care for, who has all but dropped off of the face of my Earth since the last storm hit– it’s time to let the sun shine down on you, Friend. Perhaps you’ve been absent because you’re letting life happen to you. I don’t know. But know this: the sun doesn’t revolve around me, and sometimes my feelings are my burden, alone, to resolve. My feelings about things are ever-changing as new experiences come. The end that came to the short dance we shared has not left a mark on me, just a memory, and some fuel for some truly great songwriting. All of my happiness, for you, friend of mine, in everything you do. You deserve the smiles that this latest occurrence in your life has and will surely put on your face. Know that the path we follow is one that is forming just beneath our feet. I’d like mine to remain near you. This is my white flag.

In other news, I’ve discovered through trial and error that I perform better when I haven’t prepared. Every time I perform without rehearsing, it’s so much better than when I do. It’s pretty-much been a unanimous opinion. We’re all competing now, for one of the coveted 6-8 positions as headliners for a showcase concert/dinner in November. I hope I get a spot, but I have no expectations. I’m in it because I love to perform and I love music.

As well, I went to get my cast off on Friday, and thanks to a second opinion, I’m stuck in it for another week. *groan* Apparently all of my bones look pulled too far apart. The doctor said it appears that I’ve done some serious ligament damage to my wrist, so I may have to do some physio. But that’s easy: reps on a 5 pound hand weight. Whatever. I think that no matter what, it will be just fine. I just want out of this forsaken cast so I can scratch and wash my arm. Hehe.

"Be humble, for you are made of earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars." -Serbian Proverb



~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/27/2008.

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