The Great Plaster Disaster

I’d like to apologize, in advance. I’m not typing so well these days. I broke my left scaphoid bone, and bruised my left hamate bone (both located in the wrist)  yesterday and I’m in a cast up to my elbow.

It all started with a trip out to a series of modest waterfalls past Jinglepot Pub, at the end of Metral, past the Malaspina Project Forest. Chris, Ian, Tori and I hiked out there, and repelled down a 100 foot ravine dropoff with nothing but our leg muscles and some rope. After some girly squealing, inspired by my fear of heights, we made it to the bottom alive and in one piece. We ended up in the riverbed below the waterfall. It was gorgeous. There was a full-sized tree growing entirely submerged underwater. We didn’t get any pictures out of fear of wrecking our cameras. That turned out to be smart, because Ian dropped his blackberry in the river. (I left my cell in the car, and my iPod at home).

About 50 feet down river, I slipped on a rock and landed on my ass. I’d braced my fall with my hands, but I knew almost immediately that something was hurt. I put one of my feet right through my orthopedic sandal (yaaaayyyy) and my left hand and wrist started to swell. We mutually decided it was nothing major and frolicked around in a swimming hole for awhile before heading back. I felt badass though, and had what a friend has so aptly called my "Rambo Moment": I had to climb back up the dropoff with my bum hand (it felt gross and painful, but was still easier than it was going down).

When I got home, I wrapped my wrist and hand in a tensor bandage and hiked out to Collier Dam with Duane. I spent probably about 5 hours hiking yesterday, collectively. When we got back, my hand was so swollen that I could barely bend my fingers, so I went to the hospital.

They couldn’t find the break on my x-ray, but they said that’s fairly normal. I’m going back for more x-rays next week. Hopefully they’re wrong and its just a bad sprain, but I can’t really use my thumb or pinky without excrutiating pain. I can’t turn my wrist side to side, or put pressure on it. It aches like hell all day. It’s hard to sleep in, for sure, and impossible to groom with.

Doing things in general is a chore with a cast on. However, I’m kind-of proud of it. I’ve never broken a bone before, and I didn’t cry. I gritted through the pain, and most of the time I had to stifle my laughter because I found it rather amusing. When they unwrapped it at the hospital, though, I nearly threw up on the admitting nurse and started passing out. They put me in a wheelchair, which only made me laugh harder, once they put ice on it.

Overall, my day was kick-ass. Needless to say, though, spelunking is cancelled.

These four walls, they whisper to me. They know secrets I knew they would not keep. It didn’t take long for the realm to fill with dust and these four walls came down around us. It’s hard now to let you be. I won’t make excuses- I’ve made my peace. It didn’t take long for me to lose the trust, ’cause these four walls, they’re not strong enough. It must have been something to send me out of my head with the words so let go and all that I meant. Now I wait for a break, inside it scars into all that you left: just me and these four walls again.


~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/18/2008.

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