Life Is A Highway

Hello all,
Wow. I had an interesting, fun-filled evening of hilarity and hijinks. It was fairly average, slow even, until the bars let out. Then I ended up helping a car full of people I went to high school with (something I didn’t acknowledge when it was happening, even though I was aware of it), then some guy asked me if I was interested in appearing in some porn films (no, no, no, No, NO, NO!!!). Shortly after that, a guy in one of the cars I was serving asked me if my name was Kass, and I almost instantaneously wanted to join witness protection. As it turns out, the guy in the passenger seat (who I couldn’t actually see at the time) was a guy I’d been talking to on MSN, who I met through PlentyOfFish. We’d never met face to face. Needless to say, having anyone see me for the first time in my greasy, nasty uniform while I’m regurgitating my "service speak" is not the first impression I ever want to make. So, great. There goes that. He did, however, order two "fresh" Rootbeers, which instigated a lot of joking and idle questionnaire amongst us coworkers.
"Did he say FRESH rootbeer?"
"I think he said FRENCH rootbeer."
"Nah, he had to have said LARGE rootbeer, because what in the crap is a FRENCH rootbeer, and why wouldn’t his rootbeer be FRESH? Of COURSE it’s FRESH."
"My god, he DID say fresh rootbeer. What in the blimey hell is a fresh rootbeer? Isn’t the rootbeer always fresh? I mean, WHY WOULD WE SELL OLD rootbeer?"
The night went by far too slowly, and with way too much weirdness. I demonstrated my "phone-sex drive thru" voice a few times, for shits and giggles. (Good morning, welcome to A&W, how may I service you? You’d like TWO bacon’eggers? Oh, you ARE a bad boy! *lol*)
Mom, Chris, John and I went to see Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D before I went to work last night. It was crazy awesome (no spoilers for you, just go see it). Brendon Fraser is always awesome, and he’s been off the screen for too long. Welcome back.

Now doesn’t that look like fun?
I’m going on the hike that will kill me tomorrow. We’re leaving at 10am to go on a nature hike around some waterfall that I’ve never been to (Tori, Chris and I), and then at 2:30, after I get back, I’m walking to the botanical gardens and then to Collier Dam with Duane. I plan to keel over from dehydration. I also have to call Gabriel, because I was invited to go spelunking next week out at Horn Lake, however, for safety reasons regarding my health, and the financial implications, my Mom doesn’t want me to go. So I need to find out more about it. But apparently they’re going on one where you’re inside the cave overnight, or something like that. Sounds neat. I had been gearing myself up for the psych-out by watching claustrophobia movies about spelunking, like The Descent.
Anyhow, I do require sleep now.

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