Conclusions You Come To Of Me Routinely Incorrect

My first order of business is to wish you all a belated Happy Canada Day. I spent mine working and sleeping. It was time. Jordan came across to visit on Friday (I believe it was Friday) to escape the rest of the family he lives with for Canada Day weekend. He didn’t intend to drink, however, wherever Jordan goes there is a group of people who think his being sober is grossly inappropriate. Try explaining to them that his Father is an alcoholic, and that alcoholism is genetic, therefore constantly swarming him with booze is a seriously bad idea. So, what was he going to do, say no? I would have, but Jordan is lacking in the self-control department, so he spent two days either drunk or unconscious. Oh well, you’re only young once. Chris came on Monday to visit me. We were all supposed to meet up at Country Club Mall, and we did, however, the plan was to eventually migrate down to The Vault and catch open mic (because me missing it is like a day without oxygen and joy, and Chris said he wanted to see me perform). Instead, everyone wanted to gorge themselves on appetizers at Fast Eddie’s, which smelled like rat pee. It was unfortunate, because I’d dressed up, and had taken a few requests, and had promised a few people that I’d be there. I was really put on the spot to choose between him or plans that had been unanimously agreed upon. I ended up choosing to stay and visit with Chris, because open mics are twice a week, and I almost never see him. If I had advanced warning that I would be expected to not attend open mic that day, I would have been okay, but I ended up getting almight hell on my voicemail later for not showing up.
I still had a good time, and I met some very cool people, it’s just that I am very strict about keeping plans that I’ve made. I feel badly for ditching people, and I’m not pleased that I was put into that position. Oh well, we still had a great day (I dragged Jordan to the thing because he was supposed to perform with me at The Vault, which was an added bonus and something that almost never happens also– even when he’s here, getting Jordan to come perform with me is nearly impossible). After Fast Eddie’s, nobody wanted to drive us the 10 minutes back to the downtown area, so we had to walk the 2.5 hours down Bowen in the middle of the night (Transit had stopped running). That was a lovely end to my evening. Jordan and I stopped at the Chinese Graveyard on the way back and went for a walk in it. This graveyard is gigantic, so we decided to sketch one-another out and go for a walk. Just past the point of no return, a bunch of vents started hissing all at once, and Jordan started booking it for the exit, just absolutely laughing with hysterical fear. I ran behind him, in my dress. By the time we got home, my feet were covered with blisters, that I now have to take extra care of. If any of them get infected I’m going to have to go to the hospital.
That made work the next day absolute hell. My ankles swelled up like tree-trunks and I slept for so long it was insane. All in all, I had a great, exciting few days, though. We had a genuine blast, it was pretty great. More updates to follow…
Alanis Morissette – You Learn
I recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone
I recommend walking around naked in your living room

Swallow it down (what a jagged little pill) // It feels so good (swimming in your stomach)
Wait until the dust settles
You live you learn, you love you learn // You cry you learn, you lose you learn
You bleed you learn, you scream you learn

I recommend biting off more than you can chew to anyone // I certainly do
I recommend sticking your foot in your mouth at any time  // Feel free

Throw it down (the caution blocks you from the wind) // Hold it up (to the rays)
You wait and see when the smoke clears

You live you learn, you love you learn // You cry you learn, you lose you learn
You bleed you learn, you scream you learn

Wear it out (the way a three-year-old would do) // Melt it down (you’re gonna have to eventually, anyway)
The fire trucks are coming up around the bend

You live you learn, you love you learn // You cry you learn, you lose you learn
You bleed you learn, you scream you learn
You grieve you learn, you choke you learn // You laugh you learn, you choose you learn
You pray you learn, you ask you learn // You live you learn
Life is just a chance to grow a soul.
There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.

~ by Kд§$ị (ИovΔ) on 07/02/2008.

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